Just Another Day – Daily Prompt

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The Daily Prompt was “Just Another Day” -Our days are organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over.  What’s your favorite daily ritual?  

I wrote a very similar post in A Perfect Morning last year but since I’m in the mood to write, I thought why not?

My days are very organized and sometimes I think too much so, but then something unplanned comes along and it really does seem to throw my whole day off and I long for my routines.  I have tried repeatedly over the years to get over this and be more spontaneous.  Although I am definitely better, I’m not cured by any means.  I wonder if the lack of spontaneity and love of structure and routine are also a result of growing older and more set in my ways.

My favorite daily rituals take place the first hour of the morning. Many mornings I get up even earlier than necessary to enjoy the solitude before the dawn breaks.  When I travel, I miss my mornings at home and my chair where a heating pad is tucked discreetly under a blanket thrown across the back.

At home, nothing changes much in the way my mornings go.   I stumble out of bed to the bathroom and after my teeth are brushed I go to the kitchen, make a cup of coffee and go straight to my favorite chair.  A few sips of coffee are already warming my innards and I place my cup on a beautiful little coaster given to me by a friend.  I usually pray first, then read my bible and then try to just be quiet, and still and listen.  Often, God speaks to my heart in these precious moments, or He speaks through His Word and I reflect on what I feel I am to receive as spiritual nourishment for my day.  I know from years of experience how much strength and peace this infuses my spirit with.  I can also feel the difference on the days I oversleep or something happens and I don’t take that time.

When I’m in my chair, listening to the sounds of all God’s creatures waking up, it seems that much too soon it’s time to start work or go about the rest of my daily business or chores.  But, if I’ve started my day out right, I can embrace the day filled with hope and peace.

The old green couch

We FINALLY got rid of this old couch this week and replaced it with the leather set I’ve had my eye on. I remembered sitting on it an writing this one day and thought I would re-post. It seems silly but there really are a lot of memories associated with it.

Long walks and dark chocolate

Princess Ayda on the old green couch Princess Ayda on the old green couch

My couch is old and showing wear

The foot rest even sports a tear

There are obvious stains from years of kids

Babies spilling cups sans lids

It’s not so comfy nowadays

The stuffing has seen better days

Still there’s something about this old green seat

Where family gathered and friends would meet

The memories flood my mind today

Naps, talks, games and kids at play

Volleyball players out like a light

Giggling girls who were spending the night

Granny in her moo moo sipping some tea

Quiet nights with just the hubby and me

We’ve lived and loved and ate here

We’ve had cause to celebrate here

We cried and hugged and laughed

I’ve cuddled with my better half.

So, yes it’s old and worn

And admittedly even torn

But it’s hard to let it go

After all the stuff it knows

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Where were you at midnight?

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The Daily Prompt  read “Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?” At midnight, I was snug as a bug in my bed and had been for several hours. If you’ve read my blogs before you might already know, that although I love owls, I am not a nocturnal […]

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Beacon of love

Scarlett hastily scraped up the last bit of cookie dough as she thought, “Yes, that’s enough for one more cookie”.   Plopping the last gooey bit on the cookie sheet, she licked her fingers, and then silently wondered if the minuscule amount of raw egg she had ingested contained Salmonella. “Oh well, it’s too late to […]

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The Old Green Truck

My post from yesterday made me begin to ponder pride and I thought about other times that mine has caused me to feel bad or to make others feel bad (or both).  This brought to mind an old green truck. As I have mentioned before my dad was a commercial fisherman and stone crabber, for […]

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The yard shoes go to church

  Last Wednesday night, I was extremely tired.  It was that kind of tired where all I could think about was snuggling in my comfy bed and watching nothing but the back of my eyelids for several hours.  Pushing myself through it, I got ready for church, decided what shoes to wear, and put them […]

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Christmas threads


Originally posted on Long walks and dark chocolate:
“Ma’am, may I ask you a question?”  The persistent young lady clutching a tube of sea salt, something or other, actually matched my steps for a few seconds as I hurried past the mid-mall vendor.  After my “no thank you” didn’t faze her tenacity, I tried “No…

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The List


Although I loathe admitting it, when I was a young girl, I was sometimes referred to as sneaky.  This isn’t an adjective I am proud to have had my character associated with, but I’m willing to suffer the embarrassment for the sake of the story. There were several reasons I was labeled as a wily […]

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Glimmer, don’t Gripe

Originally posted on Long walks and dark chocolate:
christmas lights (Photo credit: harold.lloyd) While we dream of a White Christmas, children in a dusty street dream of shoes to wear While we stuff the turkey and then our bellies, many are digging through garbage for dinner While we share enchanted kisses under the mistletoe, someone…

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Twist it again, Nana

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Staring at the shiny orb filled with snowmen sporting colorful hats and scarves and painted on smiles Ayda exclaimed, “Nana, make the music play again!”  She sat there balancing on her knees, fascinated by We Wish You a Merry Christmas accompanied by the make believe snow settling down around the frozen friends. I handed her […]

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