Wish I was eating cake with you


After all these years, I can still see you standing there.  You, in your blue jeans, with your unruly curls, your lipstick on, nails polished, smelling like Cinnabar.

It is hard for me to imagine that if you were still here, today you would be celebrating your 68th birthday.  Time stands still and I remember you forever at 49.

Time hadn’t etched many lines in your face and your eyes were clear and bright.  The hand that only ever got to feel Morgan, when she kicked in my 8 month pregnant belly, was steady and bore no signs of age spots.  Before sickness took it’s toll, you were energetic and vivacious!

I don’t question why anymore, as I trust God’s timing in all things, but oh, mother, how I still miss you!

My heart still aches with grief sometimes and yes, the tears still fall, but not nearly as often.  There are so many things I would love to be able to share with you and I can’t count the times I still desire your wise counsel and advice.

Until heaven, I must be content with memories, so I am eternally grateful and immensely blessed to have a million good ones with you.

Feeling highly favored to have called you mine,


Sniffing crayons


Reposting in the spirit of all things “back to school”!

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World-famous Crayola crayons are manufactured ...

World-famous Crayola crayons are manufactured in Easton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I walk into Walmart and veer over toward the aisles with signs advertising “back to school” sales, I realize, I want school supplies.  I always do at this time of year.  Call me crazy, but I love paper products and I feel like I’m missing out on something.

It’s like a new season; a fresh start to a new year of learning, meeting new people and new teachers and a year to be a better student and classmate.  That is how I always viewed it anyway.

I can smell the crayons and recall the careful searching for just the right box.  In kindergarten, there were the chubby crayons available in limited colors, for little fingers not yet aware of their strength.  Next was the bigger box sporting a few more colors and finally, you graduated to the big…

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Goodbye July

Tonight, on this final day of July, I can’t help but find myself with that familiar annual yearning for Autumn. I’ve said it before.  I wonder if God in His infinite wisdom blessed us with seasons, because He knew what fickle creatures we are? More likely, or maybe in addition, it’s because seasons are fine […]

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Bag left behind

old suitcase

  Yes, travelling is wonderful and it is a privilege, even when it is accompanied by work such as this one.  My day began with the requirement to be up and at least moderately alert at 3:45am.  Next there was the drive to the airport in the dark and fog, with less than perfect windshield wipers. […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Container

The Weekly Photo Challenge was to share a container you find interesting.  I love to keep this container (feeder) filled with black oil sunflower seeds.  My husband and I enjoy a “couple” of cardinals that frequent our backyard.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Leftovers

Old journal

The largest dresser, in the drawer on the bottom The boxes stacked neatly on the closet floor Places filled with items, some yellowed and musty Leftovers, from a time long before Every now and then we search for and peruse them The old, worn and frayed, the tattered and torn Memories of past times, the […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

Don't leave me!

It was a warm, sunshine kissed day in south Florida and I was especially happy as I was surrounded by my children and my granddaughter.  I snapped this photo when my husband had waded out to get something from the boat.  My granddaughter couldn’t decide what she thought about that.  She wanted Papa to come back to shore with […]

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Dreading Saturdays

My first and last recital

Dreading Saturdays It was 1975 and I was a mere 10 years old, so forgive me that I don’t recall all of the details.  What I do remember is that after a conversation between my mother and grandmother, followed by whole-hearted agreement by my dad, it was settled.  I was to begin piano lessons. I […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

I've got this!

The Weekly Photo Challenge, was to share your interpretation of “on the move.” As I watched my granddaughter on her first bike, it seemed like just yesterday that it was her mother….Wow, time flies!  Enjoy them every minute that you can!    

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Warning signs

As I opened up the mirrored door on my closet, I caught a glimpse of my downcast expression.  As I began to reflect on my mood at such an early morning hour, I stopped what I was doing.  At that moment, I knew one thing.  All cleaning had to cease and desist.  A navy dress […]

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