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Earth laughs in flowers

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Linger.”

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

There are many times I dare to linger

To stay when I really should go

When it’s time to bid loved ones farewell

My heart yearns, but the clock is my foe.

In a garden resplendent with dew

Where the scent of the rose doth abound

Where the butterflies light on the leaves

And all manner of beauties arise from the ground

My most beloved place to linger

Where I know all is well with my soul

Is in the presence of Almighty God

As His love makes me feel pure and whole

by:  Lisa Daffin

Things that happen in small towns with good people


This afternoon I don’t have too much on the agenda; trying to write and getting sides ready for dinner.  My husband will be cooking hamburgers and corn on the cob on the grill, so I’m just responsible for the potatoes.  He came in to ask me if we had buns and I looked up wondering how he could have forgotten that he ate the last ones a few days ago.  I just assumed we were having sans buns or using regular bread. He promptly left to go to the local supermarket to get buns and run another errand and I took a call from my eldest who was excited to tell me some news about some of her own writing and blogging.

I heard a knock on my door and opened it, phone still to my ear, and three of my favorite people were outside.  When your kids have busy schedules and live hundreds of miles away, it’s hard to hang up early when they call. One of them said, “We brought you buns”.  Now, this particular woman is so incredible, I figured that somehow she just knew my needs this afternoon.  But lo and behold, they had passed my husband and stopped to talk to him.  When he told them where he was going and why, they explained they had just purchased the last package of buns at the market.   What to do when you live 30 miles from a regular grocery store?  Well, my hubby said, “you need to give me two of those”.  So they, being the selfless, giving people that they are, did just that.  Since he had another errand to run, they delivered the buns right to my front door.  This did not surprise me at all out of this family. They are all kind, gracious and supportive and always ready with a smile to help make your day better.

As they stood on my steps fighting mosquitoes, I did invite them in, but they declined. They chose to go walk out back and look at the water instead, seeing that I was on the phone.  I came back in, killed a deer fly with my kitchen towel and sat down and smiled (yes, the towel is now in the laundry).   I feel bad that I wasn’t more insistent on them coming in, especially after they delivered buns!

I asked my daughter if she caught all of the conversation.  She laughed and I filled her in on the rest of the details.  She said, “well that was a cute and interesting story”, so I figured if she thought so, you might too :)

And to the Lewis family, I love you all and you are amazing and I hope you had enough buns left for yourselves!!

A night owl but not by choice

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.” Sleep is one-third of our lives: write a post about it. Do you love naps? Have trouble falling alseep? Wish you could remember your dreams? Remember something especially vivid? Snuggle under a blanket, or throw the windows wide open? Meditate on sleep. Ahh, […]

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Sunday morning coffee and the Word

SONY DSC[Continue reading...]

One and only reader

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singular Sensation.” If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them? This post will be short and sweet and might sound cliche’ to some, but […]

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What to wear?!?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man.” How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself. To think of when I first developed a love for clothes I have to flashback to mid-1970’s and think […]

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Monday musings

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Why did I cook homemade cornbread today?  I initially told myself it was because I love my husband and I wanted him to have something special to go with dinner.  In reality, I wanted it.  My motivation for making it was two-fold; I was in the mood for some fluffy, sweet bread and making it […]

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Macaroni noodles and boo-boos


Thank you mom for all that you taught me and all of the things you did to show your love. Thank you for wearing necklaces lovingly crafted from macaroni noodles; for hanging countless masterpieces on the fridge, for making me believe I was gifted, talented, beautiful and brilliant, for all the boo-boo’s you made better […]

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Lift them up

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cringe-Worthy.” Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm? It bothers me to see anyone being embarrassed, but I think the worst I have ever been confronted with is when a man or woman belittles their spouse […]

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Mama’s helpers

Good morning, on this beautiful sunny Friday! I have shared some thoughts and pictures about my Mom this week via various social media, as I always think about her even more during this week.  I didn’t want to be remiss in mentioning my “other mothers”.  Mom would want me to as well. I’ll begin with […]

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