Yellow on black, not a friend of Lisa

My car

My car

What is it they say about the colored rings on a coral snake? Yellow on black, friend of Jack?

Yellow on black, caused panic attack is more like it for me!

No, I am not going to blog about snakes. I doubt you will ever see me do that. This is about the panic that ensued when I felt a bump and heard a scraping sound as I endeavored to back my car into a parking spot.

Let me say right up front that I have never had an accident. The closest I ever came was backing into a tree with my dad’s truck in our driveway when I was about 15. To be 47 and be able to say that is pretty good, I think.

Last August, with my youngest in her own car and my days of driving her and her friends in the rear view mirror, I bought myself a nice 2012 Black Mustang 5.0. I have kept it clean inside and out; it still smells like a new car.

But thanks to the 4 yellow poles surrounding something that must be pretty important in the parking lot of a local restaurant, it doesn’t look brand new on the outside anymore. I have a huge yellow smear, and dented enough to likely need a new rear quarter panel.

To add insult to injury, I recently changed my insurance deductibles to $1000. This would save us so much money and I never have accidents, so why leave it at $250.
I don’t know what I did. I was looking in the mirror; even rolled my window down to make sure I was getting a clear view. I just didn’t count on the 4th pole for some reason. I blame it all on my 47ish hormones. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I prayed and got up the nerve to tell my hubby and that’s all we will say about that. It would not be nice for me to keep score of who has done what, now would it?

This happened a few hours ago and I am just now getting over the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. You know how it is; you are trying to save, and then boom, something else.

My eldest daughter called and immediately picked up on the fact that something was amiss I’m sure. Sometimes I think we share a brain. So, I spilled it to her about 5 minutes after I had shared with her dad. She said,” Mom, it could have been much worse; this is minor”, or something close to that.

And you know what, she’s right! Thanks, Ash! So in the midst of this trial, I will find the good, the things to be thankful for and be glad that I do have the money to fix it. It’s just a car and I do have insurance and I’m not the least bit injured…well, maybe my pride a bit, but that’s okay; that’s good for me. It’s humbling.

Be careful out there and watch for moving poles 😉


  1. Sounds like one of those moments you wished you had a rewind button. :-). By the way, thanks for visiting my blog and for the like. God bless!

  2. So glad you are ok, even if your ego is bruised a little. I will have to share the story of how I backed right into my mother-in-laws car…not just a gentle nudge either. I pulled back into my garage and called my boss and told him I wasn’t coming to work. My daughter was sick and in my attempt to hurry up and get to work I was zooming out. Ugh.

  3. Thanks, Patty! That crunch gives you a sick feeling, but yes, so thankful it’s just “stuff” and no people involved. I’m taking it in today for estimate and repair, so my checkbook will probably look pretty sick soon….Oh well, thankful anyway!! This is a good day!

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