Missing my girls

The girls when they were young

The girls when they were young

As the holidays loom ever closer, I find myself reminiscing about the simple things I miss.  Being an empty nester for almost a year now hasn’t been as bad as I feared.  Dad and I have had more time for each other and it’s been peaceful and quiet.

But sometimes a mama just has one of those days.

Today, I miss one hand in mine, while your dad held the other as we propelled you over a puddle or a crack or just for the thrill of hearing you giggle.  You would always plea, “do it again”, until our arms were worn out.  I miss tiny feet coming down the hall with sleepy eyes that beckoned me to pick you up and hold you for a while until you were fully awake.

I miss play-doh, yes, even play-doh and playdates and parks; climbing up the slide with you in my arms and sliding down while holding on to you for dear life.

The dinner table is much quieter now and there are never any spills or anyone scrunching their nose up at my choice of veggies.  It only takes a minute to clean up afterwards and there is no one volunteering to help.   Oh wait; there wasn’t when you were here either!

I miss the wide, trusting eyes that believed everything I told them and somehow instinctively knew I had their best interest at heart.

Oh yes, I even miss the makeup encrusted counters, because they remind me of “getting ready” with you to go on one of our outings.  I miss a house full of friends, being your taxi and proudly watching you play all your sports.  Today, I even miss the smelly tripled amounts of laundry.

I miss the way I rarely had to drag you to church because you always wanted to go.  I miss your excitement over mission trips and the way you told stories of the life changing experiences you had upon your return from them.

I am sure I’ll have other days like this, because I have so many wonderful memories with you.  You were a pleasure to raise (most of the time).  Don’t get so teary and filled with sympathy that you think this means you have to return for good, but a visit in the near future would be nice!

Make sure that you enjoy the “simple” things, as those are the ones you will remember with such fondness.




  1. terrilewis6 says:

    That is so beautiful!! I am not sure how I will handle a quiet home when all of my children venture off because its never quiet!! Hee hee Love you Lisa and I enjoy your writings so very much–they are written from the heart!!

  2. deanna grimm says:

    Awesomeness! ! Lol sissy! Love you bunches! XOXO

  3. Beautiful! Makes me take a deep breath and just “enjoy” the chaos currently going on in this house 🙂

  4. Love it and I know exactly how you feel. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Terrie Goff says:

    So well put!! And we all have those teary reminiscing days. We never realize that we have to smell the roses while they are in bloom because the same exact rose will never be there again–just its memory! That’s why it is so important to make good memories because they are keepers. Love you so much!

  6. A wonderful tribute to your daughters.

    I, too, am an empty-nester. Have been for a number of years and still have those days. But now, I am blessed with another generation, a chance to relive those days of giggles, tears, tea parties, and princess brides, moments of telling stories with a little one nestled in my lap. And something new has been added…little boys to play pirates, football, and king-the-cushion-hill.

    So take heart dear soul, the days haste by, bringing newness to life and refilling the nest with cheers, giggles, and shouts of triumph. The cycle of life is beautiful to behold. God bless you richly.

    See you in a twinkling,
    Brenda K. Hendricks

    • Aww, how sweet, Brenda. Thank you for the encouraging words. I also have one granddaughter and do enjoy her so much, but they live in New Orleans, and I’m in Florida so I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like!! Thanks for your comment and you have a glorious day!

      • I also understand long distant grandparenting. My first two grandsons lived 600 miles away until two years ago. It was difficult, especially watching the leave after a visit. But God gave us grace. And although we were separated my the miles, we maintained a close relationship with them. I’ve often wondered how people managed the emptiness during the pioneer days. I’m thankful for technology. Face book and Skype help to sooth the aching heart.
        Many blessings.
        See you in a twinkling,

      • Yes, it is tough, but we meet halfway and get her when we can 🙂 You are so right, grateful for technology too!!

  7. Such a beautifully touching post. I snooped around and found some of the most refreshingly honest and sincere pieces of well written thoughts! May God bless you, always!

  8. Hi, thank you for “liking” one of my posts, good to meet you! 🙂

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