Daily Prompt: Pensive

12183926_10153666325746763_7447737793838516270_oThe Daily Prompt was pensive; below is my humble offering….

She sat there, dreamily staring out the window; both hands around her favorite cup, which was still warm from the hot tea he had watched her pour earlier. She was in a pensive mood.

He was familiar with her moods and he’d seen this particular one more after the kids were gone. She would stare out the window, a hint of sadness on her face, sometimes wiping a tear from her eye. He was pretty sure he understood how she felt, but sometimes he wasn’t quite sure how to help. She had also mentioned some lady issue that started with an “m” that made her a little more moody on some days.

He walked over to her chair and embraced her in a hug and said, “Are you missing the girls, babe?” She said, “Yes” with a shaky voice. He gently pulled her up from her favorite chair and she melted into the arms that had held her close for over 20 years.

After a long embrace he asked, “How about we go across the bay and catch dinner?” The smile twinkled in her eyes before it reached her lips and he knew he had brought her back from the walk down nostalgia lane. She ran to grab a jacket and he smiled knowing he had been her hero once again.

Daily Prompt: Flourish


As I pondered the word flourish from today’s prompt, I couldn’t help but think about my one month old granddaughter, Cali.  If you read my blog or follow my Facebook page, you are already acquainted with Cali as she has been a repeat guest.  She is flourishing in her NICU environment, and almost up to 6 lbs.

I was telling my daughter the other day that as much as we would all love to see her home, she is where she needs to be right now.   They have adjusted her environment from the day she arrived until now to ensure she is thriving.  She arrived on a ventilator and worked her way down to no oxygen support at all.  She no longer needs the added warmth of incubation as she can now adjust her own body temperature.  She continues to flourish, surrounded by prayer in the hands of these skilled doctors and nurses who are blessed with their talent by God.

In contemplating this, I began to think about how often we attempt to make all the conditions right for things to flourish.  We plant that rose bush where it will receive 5-6 hours of sun per day, we water and fertilize it faithfully, we remove any encroaching weeds and pick off the dead bulbs and we watch and wait, hoping for a beautiful blossom covered bush.

Do we do the same thing for our souls?  Do we make sure we are planted firmly on truth, rooted and grounded in faith?  Do we water our souls with the Word of God, eating and drinking from the wellspring of Divine knowledge?  Are we conscious of our environments, realizing that the places we go, the things we do and yes, even the company we keep has an effect on our lives?  Are we cautious about who or what we pledge our loyalty to?  Do we dig up, pull out and destroy the encroaching weeds of resentment, bitterness and un-forgiveness?

If we do, we are growing stronger every day and we can look forward to spiritually prosperous lives.  If not then maybe this will serve as a gentle reminder.  Let’s grow and thrive together!  Blessings!

Daily Prompt: Underestimate


The prompt was Underestimate 

Some things we tend to underestimate…..

The power of an Almighty God

The effectiveness of a fervent prayer

The consequence of a bad decision

The contagiousness of a warm smile

The loving benefit of a sincere hug

The influence of an invested mentor

The powerful result of forgiveness

The impact of sincere kindness

The beauty that comes from a pure heart

The way life changes after we have children

The way time flies from birth to graduation

The time it sometimes takes to right a wrong

Daily Prompt: Shelf

Ash and Chompers

My eldest, Ashley with Chompers, her first gift from her Nana

The moment I saw Today’s prompt, I knew what I would write about.  This is a poem representing the word “shelf”.

I was sitting in Cracker Barrel, with many just like me

Just wondering if I would ever have a home

When as I pondered this, I felt myself airborne

Oh no, please not a child whose left to roam

The torture never ends for us, the bruises and the nicks

Not to mention sticky fingers and the floor

But this time, the touch felt different. Should I dare to harbor hope?

Can it be as Grandpa said?  Could there be more?

I stole a glance at my captor’s face, and she returned my smile

She held me out to have a look, to ponder me from afar

She said, “This one is perfect, I knew it from the start

Before I knew it, I’d been purchased and was riding in her car.

Or course I was ecstatic, and couldn’t wait to see my home

She took me to a room all filled with flowers and love

A beautiful, tiny baby slept, a sight she was to see

It was then I knew for sure that I had been blessed from above.

When I was new, my coat did shine, my clothes they were pristine

My eyes were bright and bore no scratches from wear and tear

I was gifted by this Nana to this amazing baby girl

Oh the fun that we would have, the love we’d share

I kept her warm on chilly nights and was always there to hug

As the years flew by, she took me everywhere she went

She grew up fast and stayed so busy, I didn’t see her as much

Though our time together grew less and less, I knew how much I meant

Even though I am old and torn, she has keep me all these years

And she used to pick me up to reminisce,

To think upon our memories, the days and nights of fun

Lately though, I’m afraid she’s grown remiss

So, I’m waiting patiently for the day that she recalls

One more hug will be appreciated, in and of itself

But until then, I’m sitting here just watching everything

Just wishing and just hoping, on the shelf.

Daily Prompt: Envy


Today’s Prompt was to write using the word “Envy”.

Proverbs 14:30 says, “A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.”

When I find myself feeling envious towards another person or something they have, it reminds me that I need to pray.  I need to spend time with God and reflect on what has diminished my typical contentment.

Nine times out of ten, I find that it can always be traced back to my perception of lack in “things”, “stuff”, “worldly goods”.  The more we allow our focus to be on the material things instead of the lasting things and the heavenly things, the more often we will find ourselves desiring more of them.

We are never satisfied with “stuff”, so it is pointless to put all of our energy and focus into mere things that leave no lasting legacy, things we can’t take with us.

Envy can overcome both the young and the old, but I see it more in the young.  I think this is just because they haven’t lived life long enough to realize what really matters.  If I could give those younger than me some advice, I would tell them not to be so desirous of a bigger car, a more expensive house, and designer duds.  I would tell them to covet a loving, generous heart, a kind and gentle spirit, a forgiving attitude; lasting things; traits that will make living this roller coaster life so much sweeter.

I am thankful for the lessons learned and the avenue to share with others and that is a good thing.  Because, I find that the more thankful I am for what I have, the more content I become.

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Daily Prompt: Fleeting


Today’s prompt was to use the word fleeting in a post.

This topic reminded me of all the times we are left with a fleeting glance.  In many cases, the memories of these momentary glimpses are anything but fleeting.

Mom’s waving hand as you embark on your first ever bus ride

The emotional, yet proud look your mom or dad gives you at graduation

The bob of a little blonde ponytail as it retreats the first day they walk to class alone

Her tail lights the first time she drives away from home with bags packed

The crestfallen little face from the car seat when the visit is over and she has to go home

There are many more memories like this; sometimes romantic and sometimes sentimental.  They are good material for stories and poetry and backdrops to some of our  most memorable events.

Daily Prompt: Flow

Today’s prompt was to represent the word flow.  My offering is a photo and a poem.


You let the words flow as the ink meets the paper

Scribbling a story your heart holds so dear

You’ve crafted the characters and finished your tale

Now you hope and you pray someone else wants to hear

By:  Lisa


My rant about nude selfies

What you do

The last two daily prompts were to write about the words Object and Legacy, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.

What kind of legacy is this generation leaving to the next when we have “famous” people posting nude selfies on social media which any teenager in this country has access to?  Bodies are treated like mere objects to attract attention.  I am a woman and I want to be treated like a woman; all of me, for all of my attributes; my personality, my sense of humor, my compassion and gifts of love.

The sidebar on Facebook, you know the one that alerts inquiring minds to what is currently “trending” often makes me cringe.  The very word trending implies that these topics are getting the most attention.  Sadly, this reminds me that the reality is, the more immoral and depraved the topic, the more attention it gets.  Of course, I must say in all fairness that it is possible and even likely that much of the attention towards some of it is negative.

Normally, I prefer not to give a second thought to the subjects that evoke negative thoughts, but what I have noticed over the past couple of days has angered me and I can no longer remain silent.  I couldn’t allow fear of the opinions of the “anything goes” crowd to dissuade me.

First and foremost, my number one responsibility as a Christ follower is to pray for the women to whom I allude.  I have and I will continue to.   Instead of calling names and bashing individuals, I would rather talk about the behavior.

With all that said, what compels someone to stand in front of a mirror, nude and take a selfie to be posted to social media for the entire world to see?  Is it vanity, an uncontrollable desire for attention, a publicity stunt?  Maybe it’s a combination of all of those things.  And do others imitate “in support” because they truly care about the first offender, or because they are jumping at the chance for self-promotion or attention as well?

Of course, and I’m speaking generally here, we as a nation are at fault because if we didn’t create the demand, it wouldn’t be supplied.  We watch it, we buy the books and magazines and upload the songs and then wonder why morality is at an all time low.

What does it say about us as a nation and as a generation of women who tolerate and at times agree with such ludicrous behavior?  I think many of us have become fearful to speak out against it because we can rest assured that we will be attacked, deemed judgmental and called fanatical conservatives.

If you really care about other women, why would you help to cultivate a mindset that promotes the belief that we are just sexual objects?  What about the girls, and women who have self-image problems; the ones who don’t have unlimited resources and a personal chef?  You send a message that isn’t realistic or responsible.

Unless we buy more time at a plastic surgeons office, our looks will fade.  We need to focus on the qualities that remain; the qualities that actually increase as we grow in wisdom and experience.  Ask yourself if you are growing in goodness and mercy, in kindness and compassion.  Are you increasing in discernment and empathy?

It’s not just the fact that as a Christian, I see my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit; it’s the fact that as a woman, wife and mother, I want to be a feminine woman of dignity.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stop lining the pockets of people who are sending this type of message to the masses.  Let’s teach our young women to have self-respect and to be women of honor.  We can be part of the solution.  We can help influence this generation of impressionable young woman in a more virtuous direction, a direction that won’t leave them dying (sometimes literally) to fit a standard that isn’t real.

We were created in the image of God and for His glory; now that’s a standard to live up to.


P.S.   This isn’t my typical post and I sincerely hope my words are received as intended; from a woman who is very grieved with the trend towards depravity in society and truly hopes and prays for change.


Daily Prompt: Contrast


The Daily Prompt was to write a post in response to the word “contrast”.  Here is my humble offering. (and this isn’t about anyone I know, just made it up)

He could be unpleasant, but she was a dear

How they ended up united remained quite unclear

She was charming and gracious, always polite

He was quiet, and none too appealing by sight

But oh how they loved and no matter the weather

Contrasting characters but together forever

Daily Prompt: Inevitable


The Daily Prompt was to use the word “inevitable” in a post.

I look at her tiny little body with it’s protruding little belly, the glow of pending motherhood shining on her face.

Wasn’t it just yesterday, I sat in this same living room with her dad in domestic bliss ooing and ahhing over her gymnastic abilities already apparent as my swollen belly jumped and heaved with her somersaults?

In a mere matter of a couple of months, my baby will bring her baby into this world.  My blonde smiling, whimsical cherub will be a mother.

But I guess it was inevitable.

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