Jesus, You were spit on, ridiculed, beaten, called a drunkard, a glutton and a liar. You were betrayed by many including those close to you. You beheld the hatred, the depravity, the gross reality of the state of the human heart. You were hung on a cross between ungodly men, mocked and provoked.

Yet you died for those who had committed these sins against you. You gave your life so that these and many millions after them might have hope, a chance at salvation, and eternal life.

Yes, you were disgusted by the religious leaders, yet so merciful that your love changed Saul to Paul. You got angry, even turned over tables, but never committed sin.

You witnessed the atrocities man is capable of, you heard our pathetic excuses, you saw our doubt and unbelief.

Yet, you died for us.

You knew there would be more of us, generation after generation of self-righteous, flesh-gratifying, self-loving, immoral humans, born into sin.

Yet, you willingly went the way of the Cross.

Your love is unfathomable, your mercy undeserved, your long suffering immeasurable and your grace, ever amazing.

I want to love like you do; to see hearts, instead of hands; to see possibility instead of reality, to see hope instead of despair and life instead of death.

Oh, to truly be your hands and feet, all the time. This is my prayer. I know that kind of love is impossile without Your love, without Your spirit dwelling in me. Teach me, show me, mold me. Forgive me my pride and arrogance, my detestable desire to be right at all costs, any bitterness or hatred towards people who I disagree with. Humble me and break my heart for what breaks yours.

For You are the only hope and my faith is in You always.

Daily Prompt: Underestimate


The prompt was Underestimate 

Some things we tend to underestimate…..

The power of an Almighty God

The effectiveness of a fervent prayer

The consequence of a bad decision

The contagiousness of a warm smile

The loving benefit of a sincere hug

The influence of an invested mentor

The powerful result of forgiveness

The impact of sincere kindness

The beauty that comes from a pure heart

The way life changes after we have children

The way time flies from birth to graduation

The time it sometimes takes to right a wrong

Daily Prompt: Envy


Today’s Prompt was to write using the word “Envy”.

Proverbs 14:30 says, “A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.”

When I find myself feeling envious towards another person or something they have, it reminds me that I need to pray.  I need to spend time with God and reflect on what has diminished my typical contentment.

Nine times out of ten, I find that it can always be traced back to my perception of lack in “things”, “stuff”, “worldly goods”.  The more we allow our focus to be on the material things instead of the lasting things and the heavenly things, the more often we will find ourselves desiring more of them.

We are never satisfied with “stuff”, so it is pointless to put all of our energy and focus into mere things that leave no lasting legacy, things we can’t take with us.

Envy can overcome both the young and the old, but I see it more in the young.  I think this is just because they haven’t lived life long enough to realize what really matters.  If I could give those younger than me some advice, I would tell them not to be so desirous of a bigger car, a more expensive house, and designer duds.  I would tell them to covet a loving, generous heart, a kind and gentle spirit, a forgiving attitude; lasting things; traits that will make living this roller coaster life so much sweeter.

I am thankful for the lessons learned and the avenue to share with others and that is a good thing.  Because, I find that the more thankful I am for what I have, the more content I become.

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Costco conflict


The lady was rude; there was no doubt about that. She was rude in a way that made me physically hurt for the person the rudeness was directed to. My much younger companion, the victim of the remark, swallowed the bait and bit back, with a snotty retort, more to assuage her wounded pride than anything else. I wanted to hide under my shopping cart.

“Just walk away, I pleaded. It’s not worth it, she is an elder, and she may have recently lost her husband or something equally traumatic. I didn’t raise you to behave this way.” Alas, there is only so much you can say to an adult child.

My youngest responded, loudly enough for everyone on the same aisle to hear her “Well, I will report her to management for how she is treating customers, then.” I was mortified as I felt the stares. I loathe confrontation to begin with, and I certainly didn’t like the unforgiving spirit I saw in my precious woman-child. She continued to mumble and complain about Costco and how it’s too full of people and she was never going back as I wondered who she really belonged to and how I could get her out of there before she blew a gasket.

Gently and cautiously, I continued to suggest reasons people behave insensitively and how we give them the benefit of the doubt. She calmed down but when we got close to check-out, she said, “I’m still reporting her”, but I noticed she smiled when she said it. Then she said, “I tell you what, Mom, buy me a hot dog and I won’t say anything.” I said, “Done, while I reached into my wallet and grabbed a bill”.

This was her way of pleasing me without having to admit she had lost the zeal to persecute. This made it look like I had to bribe her to keep her from doing the deed, but she knows I would have bought her the $1 hot dog, either way. I’m calling it a win.

Binding up wounds

Grace; new every morning

Grace; new every morning!

Last night, I found myself praying for a particular situation and God showed me something about it that I wanted to share.  Why?  Because I believe there are others who need to hear it and might find it beneficial to think upon.

A wound, as defined by google is an injury to living tissue caused by a cut, blow, or other impact, typically one in which the skin is cut or broken.

When you inflict a wound on someone you love, if you really love that person you are going to want to apply some tender loving care.  You will long for their forgiveness; you will carefully cleanse it, apply some healing ointment or balm and wrap it up to shelter it from the elements.  You will then be careful not to bump into it, or do anything to hinder the healing process.

Let’s switch our minds to emotional wounds.  I know I’ve inflicted some of those before too.  I have found the following to be true.  If I handle this type of wound the same way, it may still leave a scar, the size depending on the wound, but it eventually heals.  So, if I cleanse it with apologies and forgiveness, removing any infection of bitterness, then I apply love and healing, edifying words and then be very careful with that wound, it will heal a lot faster and leave a smaller scar.

However, if I keep picking at it, pour salt in it and keep ripping over the covering that protects it from the elements, it remains raw and festering.  This wound isn’t getting time to heal in a calm, loving, drama-free environment.  The result can be infection and even eventually, loss.

If we wound people, or they wound us, let’s be mindful of these principles as best as we are able.  If we do, we can make great strides in areas of healing.


The words of a talebearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.

Proverbs 18:28

Deposits in our children

Ayda at Disney 2011

Ayda at Disney 2011

As I look back on the past 47 years of my life, I am convinced that of all of the lives I have touched, the biggest impact has been on my children.

Knowing this, I contemplate the failures which sometimes seemed as plentiful as the successes.  For this, I can promise, you will fail at times, more than once or twice.  You will find though, that how you handle the failures is the most important part.  There is no shame to be found in saying, “I’m sorry”; this is teaching your children to do the same.  You also have to forgive yourself and move forward.

I recall many times that they called me out on something that I had taught them not to do or also the times when I beamed with pride at the awesomeness of their character shining through.  There were times I was impatient and didn’t give them the chance to explain, or completely misread a situation and found myself at their bedside asking forgiveness.  There were also times that I know I rocked; that I gave them praise and their smile and hug told me I had got it right.  Those are the times your heart feels as though it will burst.

I have found that patience is mandatory throughout their lives; not just during the terrible twos and sassy teenage years.  Your complete and undivided attention is a must and forgiveness a necessity.  Praise is essential and should be used in far greater quantity than negative remarks.

The words that are spoken should be carefully chosen, the looks you give always filtered by love and the example that you set should be stellar.  If it hasn’t been thus far, make the rest of the years count!

Yes, there will come a time when they will make their own choices.  However, you will want them to make good ones, based on the things you have taught them and shown by example.  The little sponges will soak it all up, so make your choices wisely.

After all, you want to look back with more good memories than bad ones and you want to know you have done your very best.

Cherish them!

The girls when they were young

The girls when they were young

I’m sitting here wrapped up in a blanket in July, in New Orleans, because my eldest keeps her house like a meat locker.  I’m not complaining though, because I couldn’t be happier at this moment, if only I could lose the sinus headache.

It’s funny to sit here and listen to my daughters arguing over how much salt to put in the mashed potatoes and whether they are better with skin off or on.

It seems like only yesterday their arguments were far more boisterous and trespasses were not as quickly forgiven.  There were days I thought I would explode if I heard, “Mom!” one more time.  Now, there are days when I actually miss it.

There is nothing better than having family together, listening to the chatter and the laughter, recalling old memories and creating new ones.

I wish everyone would realize how important family is and make it a priority.  Life is fleeting and there is nothing like the love of family.  Your children will grow up so fast and time will really begin to fly more quickly the older you get.  Enjoy them, love them, cherish their smiles and laughter and forgive hastily.  Don’t set yourself up for regrets.

Love and blessings!

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