Baking for dummies

Making thumbprint cookies

Making thumbprint cookies

I hate when I’m browsing for recipes and I see a picture of something that looks perfectly scrumptious, only to click on the actual recipe to find out it is a mile long with complicated instructions.  What part of “easy recipes” does Google not understand?  Then they try to sabotage you with directions like “blend to desired consistency”.  What exactly is that supposed to mean?  My desire is that I actually end up with something edible.

In my late forties and just now actually beginning to enjoy baking, I don’t want to blast my confidence by attempting something that takes 2 hours just to assemble; it’s just not going to happen.  Well, maybe someday but definitely not today (or this year, I’m guessing).

I’m having one other slight problem with baking.  I can no longer hold some of the recipes (think small print on backs of semi-sweet morsel bags) far enough away to actually read them.  When I get into the middle of making something, I’m too stubborn to go find my “magnifier glasses” so it’s quite fortunate that I’m not mistaking a TSP for a TBSP which I’m finding really can make a difference.

I find that I am coveting a lot of gadgets and pans and kitchen items that I only bought in the past for the Suzie Homemaker’s on my gift list.  Thankfully for me, my mother in law is delighted with my new found love (or maybe like would be a better word at this point)  for baking and has some of these items that she is blessing me with!  I plan to hit my hubby up soon for some of the pricier things but the plan is to wait until after Christmas and until he is well over his despair of what it cost him.

Well, back to browsing for something else tasty.  Maybe if I search under “really super easy” or “baking for dummies”  I’ll have better luck?  I do think I will attempt my mother’s red velvet cake.  I’ve done it once before and it was a hit!

Happy baking and MERRY CHRISTMAS Eve to you all!

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