Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes (take two)

Okay, I just had to share one more “Three” photo from the Weekly Challenge when I ran across this one.  This is my one and only grandchild, enjoying cake on her 2nd birthday.  She had to have the three Disney princesses on the plate.  She loves cake and didn’t appear to even notice that I was snapping away!

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Threes (take two)

THREE princesses from my birthday cake!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Object

Believe it or not, this lonely little green plastic toy soldier has the power to induce blatant bawling in this nana. My one and only grandchild lives almost 13 hours away, so we don’t get to see her as much as we would like to. Her daddy is a U.S. Marine and they are stationed in New Orleans.

After a visit, when I know their departure is imminent, I search for anything and everything that might get left behind. This is a self-serving effort meant to spare me the tears when my emotions are finally back to normal and I find something she forgot. After one of their last visits though, I found these little guys all over the place. They were in my makeup, under the sofa, in the cabinets and even in one of my shoes. The memories rush back and the ache in my heart seems almost unbearable.

Yes, she has a huge chunk of my heart in Louisiana with her and all I have are memories until the next time.

The brightest child ever

Today I am missing my little granddaughter, so I am doing what cold, lonely, forsaken (just kidding except for the cold part) grandmothers do who live 848 miles away when they can’t squeeze their little angels.  I am pining over old photographs and videos.  They aren’t really “old” considering my one and only grandchild isn’t even four yet, but you get the point.

As much as I loathe technology at times (very few times), now isn’t one of them.  For those of us who don’t live close to our kids, aren’t we blessed to have Skype, Facebook and other social media to share the milestones? When my son in law was in Afghanistan, he was able to “watch” Christmas and other events to an extent.  I’m honestly not sure if that made him feel better or worse, but at least he could see his wife and daughter in real time.

Just today I was considering how different things were when mine were small.  Of course, we had telephone and videos if you had a big, clunky video camera and a way to play the tapes (I’m not that ancient), but things weren’t nearly as “instant”.  I remember my aunt and uncle living a few hundred miles away and they would have my young cousin talk or sing into a cassette tape recorder and send to my grandparents.  We would all gather round’ to hear his sweet little voice and then deem him the brightest child ever!

The video I’ve shared above also stars the “brightest child ever”, my darling, my angel, my Ayda.  I hope you enjoy as she tries to figure out if she likes the fur on the stuffed animals.  We laughed over how they made her “shiver”.

This one shows her silly faces as she sings along to the “goodbye song” from Yo Gabba Gabba, which I hope I never have to watch again for as long as I live, but I would for her 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy




The photo challenge this week was to capture “joy”.  There are many photos I could use, but the look in my granddaughter’s eyes said it all.  She loves cake!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

The challenge was to pick a photo of an example of one of your companions. I choose this of my granddaughter Ayda and I because the photo just speaks “companionship” to me. I know this isn’t a very unique example, but I still think it quite fitting.

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Companionable

Nana and Ayda

Reflecting and preparing

Ashley and Morgan; then and now

Ashley and Morgan; then and now

It was that time of day when things are getting quiet everywhere.

Outside, the birds are seeking a place to roost, traffic slows down in the neighborhood and people begin to go indoors to settle in for the day.

From where I am sitting, I can see palm trees gently swaying in the breeze, but I can no longer see the streak of sunlight across my dining room floor; the same streak that Ayda found her shadow in when they were here just three long days ago.

I remember watching her quietly, not wanting to spoil the moment.  She would find it and pounce, trying to catch it, and then look for it again, line her little body up just right and try again.  The ever elusive shadow kept her busy for several minutes, an eternity for a toddler.  I remember thinking, “Enjoy this, Nana….capture this moment in your mind’s photo shop so you can enjoy it when they’re gone”.

And way too quickly, they were.  I fought back the tears as I leaned in to kiss her goodbye.  She was already strapped in nice and snugly in her car seat.  Away they drove, leaving me with an ache in my heart that felt like a brass fist clenched tightly around it.

Oh, and it wasn’t only Ayda.  My eldest waved from the car window, her blonde hair bouncing around her shoulders; the hair I used to put in pony tails, pig tails and bows, which she always fought me over.

Her husband and my youngest shared the front seat.  My baby, my youngest (wasn’t she in diapers yesterday?!?) was driving for the first leg of the journey.  The days of Barbie jeeps, speeding up and down our street until the batteries died, are long gone for this nostalgic mother.

Little Sis heading to her Big sister’s home in New Orleans for a visit that will wrap up the remainder of her last Spring Break as a high school student.  Spending Spring Break together is a tradition with them that I hope they keep.

Yes, this house is eerily quiet and lifeless (except for me of course).  And all of the things I thought I would do when I got the time, the solitude, and the silence are left waiting.  It seems I don’t have the motivation to do them today.  I look forward to my husband’s footsteps on the porch to break the silence and his kiss when he comes inside.

I’m glad that I always told my girls that as important as they are, one day they would leave and begin their own lives, leaving dad and I alone.  And for this reason, they must not complain when we spent quality, child-free time together; time spent nurturing our relationship so that when we were alone one day, we’d have invested wisely and be able to draw from that.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven  Ecclesiastes 3:1

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise




This photo challenge seemed like it might be a little difficult until I was perusing my photo albums and remembered this particular day .  My little granddaughter, Ayda kept running towards the sea gulls on the beach.  I think we can safely say, she “surprised” them.  That was a wonderful day and we made some beautiful memories.

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