Daily Prompt: Heard


I heard the roar of the ocean’s waves as they chased me back towards the shore and the sounds of tiny hustling crab feet scurrying across the sand.

The gulls were flapping their wings, crying out to tell the others their fish stories and the palm trees were gently swaying in the breeze.

The crunch of the sand was a delight underneath my toes and the salty air tasted like summer on my tongue.

What perfect bliss, just this beautiful day and me now perched on a blanket with a book in my hand.  The only thing that could make this better, I thought to myself,  is a nice long nap in the sunshine.

As the balmy breeze coaxed me to sleep, I heard a noise; at first it seemed far away, but the noise grew louder and louder.  It was shrill and out of place and a feeling akin to panic came over me.

My eyes flew open to discover that it was my hateful alarm clock; it’s unwelcome explosion of noise heralding a new day and ruining my beautiful dream.

Daily Prompt:  Heard

Vacation my way

Cape Breton National Park

Cape Breton N.P.

The Prompt:  Where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love?

The first place that came to mind when I saw this post was Vegas, but I think other large cities known for up-all-night parties and non-stop entertainment would also be deal breakers for me.

Since I would rather not bash any particular city since they are all hometown to someone, I decided to look at this from the perspective of what makes a vacation enjoyable to me, based on my personality and preferences.

When I was younger, I loved to go where there were crowds and rides and entertainment.  There were summers on Panama City Beach, baking in the hot sun all day, riding the waves on our boogie boards in the warm salty water until the sun’s light started to wane, then getting ready to go across the street to the theme park.   I remember my hair flying behind me while, “Another One Bites the Dust” blared from the speakers as I circled a track at high speeds, which would render me nauseous and require a trip to the chiropractor if I attempted now.  I licked the cotton candy from my sticky fingers, while perched at the top of the ferris wheel, the metal chair cool against my sunburn, secretly wishing the shady looking character below would start the wheel spinning again.  We hid from our parents and chased boys, giving them false names and numbers and giggling about it in our hotel room, which was joined with my parents.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014 and my husband and I are casually strolling down the street in Bar Harbor, ME, a cool misty rain falling as we seek out the best place for lobster.  We sat on park benches and people watched, ate ice cream and tried blueberry tea and watched the sunset.


We meandered up the coast and into Canada, stayed at bed and breakfasts through New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.  We luxuriated in sleeping in, had French press coffee and spent time just soaking up the scenery.  We took long walks in parks, inhaled the heavenly scent of balsam fir, welcomed longer lunches and relished each other’s company.

We sat on the rocks around a lighthouse, tranquil enough for my husband to doze off. (I think I even heard him snore) The waves splashed against the rocks, which were nicely heated by the sun which was a comfort on a breezy, cool day.  We took pictures of old churches, tasted fresh water at the base of a waterfall, ate too much candy and acted like teenagers.

It was one of the most memorable trips we have taken together.  I find nowadays that I enjoy and appreciate God’s creation more and vacation to me means spending time outdoors; somewhere peaceful, where I can just relax.  Fewer plans, less noise and crowds and I am a happy camper.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

The Weekly Photo Challenge was Signs.  This is one of my favorites, taken on the Big Island in Hawaii a few years back.

Caution:  Falling Coconuts

Caution: Falling Coconuts

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

It was a warm, sunshine kissed day in south Florida and I was especially happy as I was surrounded by my children and my granddaughter.  I snapped this photo when my husband had waded out to get something from the boat.  My granddaughter couldn’t decide what she thought about that.  She wanted Papa to come back to shore with the rest of us.

Don't leave me!

Don’t leave me!

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

This week the challenge at the Daily Post said; In this week’s writing challenge, you’ll write a post using three photographs for inspiration.  I choose three photographs by Sue Nash whose blog is Heavenly Raindrops.

I pulled my car into the parking lot and checked once more to make sure I had placed my new beach permit within clear view.  Just a few more moments and I would be walking on the beach, wind whipping my hair while the sea air cleared my head.

A beautiful peace ensued as soon as my bare toes met with the gritty sand and I breathed in a deep cleansing breath of salty air.

It was a quiet day on the beach, just the way I like it.  The only sounds were the boisterous kiss of the waves on the shore and a few hungry seagulls searching for a hand out.

As I walked, I found I wasn’t completely alone as I noticed a couple of others meandering along the shore.  I wondered for a moment if they came here to make decisions too.

Since I was a small child, there is something about the ocean that calms me.  I have found that in a pinch that other bodies of water will do, although the ocean along with the sound of the waves is my preference.

I feel so close to God when I stand in awe of His creation and I needed to feel that way now.  There was a lot riding on the choices I would soon make, and I desperately needed to hear from Him.

I stopped and flopped down in the still warm sand, just far enough away from the waves to stay dry.  I thought back on all the prayers uttered here and gave thanks for those answered and the ones God chose to answer in a different way than I could have imagined.

I knew as I squinted towards the sky that I would leave here knowing what to do and having a deep peace about it.  As I looked out across the ocean and began my prayer, the sun was beginning to sink a little lower.

Moments later, my heart full of peace, I got up, brushed off my jeans, dipped my toes in the water and felt a smile tug at the corners of my mouth.  As I walked past the fences, placed there to keep people out, I was glad nothing kept me from God.  Ever.

Refreshed, restored and replete with God’s goodness, I made my way to my car, ready to meet the challenges head on.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiki #2


Warm sand between toes

Ocean waves lull me to sleep

Ouch, more sunblock please

Weekly Photo Challenge: A different point of view (Take 2)

Weekly Photo Challenge:  A different point of view (Take 2)

Took this at Olympic National N.P., I think it was at Rialto Beach

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Moody like the sea
There are times when I’m calm and peaceful; relaxed and well at ease.
So perfectly contented my eyelids droop; with sleep, they tease
At other times I’m frantic, frenzied, prickly as a pear
Boisterous, ranting, raving like a savage, or a bear
I find I’m like the ocean, yes, I’m moody like the sea.
And yet I know to soothe my soul, there’s no place I’d rather be.

By:  Lisa

Day at the beach

Day at the beach

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

The challenge was to pick a photo of an example of one of your companions. I choose this of my granddaughter Ayda and I because the photo just speaks “companionship” to me. I know this isn’t a very unique example, but I still think it quite fitting.

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Companionable

Nana and Ayda

Mitch Teemley

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