Weekly Photo Challenge: A different point of view (Take 2)

Weekly Photo Challenge:  A different point of view (Take 2)

Took this at Olympic National N.P., I think it was at Rialto Beach


Nana and Ayda playing patty cake

Nana and Ayda playing patty cake

“I luff you Nana”, she said.  Now, I’m not entirely sure if she meant those words this particular time from the bottom of her nearly three year old heart, or if it was the overwhelming gratitude she felt at my latest promise.  I had just said, “Nana will send you the Peter Pan movie”.

For anyone who has the immense, incomparable pleasure of being a grandparent, it really doesn’t matter why they said it.  It melts your heart, liquefies it right into a puddle of love.  Those four little words make you feel like the most important person on earth.  They are coveted words and not always shared so freely by our independent little cherubs.

Before we were blessed with Ayda, I remember other grandparents and their endless pictures and chatter about their precious little ones, the most brilliant little people ever conceived.  I thought I understood.  I didn’t.  Not even close.

I was there when she was born.  After my nervousness for the safety and health of my eldest throughout the process, I was blissful to see the little dark haired head make its entry on the scene.  The thrill of her first cries upon encountering this big, bright world overwhelmed me.

I remember my first trip back out to California after they had been to visit for an extended period.  Her daddy had been in Afghanistan serving his country, so they stayed with us during his tour of duty.  She wasn’t very old and it had been a few months since I’d seen her.

My daughter picked me up from the LA airport, in the early evening and we enjoyed catching up on the drive back to Temecula.  Ayda was playing at a friend’s house and we stopped by there to pick her up.  She sat in her car seat and jabbered all the way home.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her but I wasn’t sure she would welcome being held.

I will never forget getting out of the car at their apartment and her little arms reaching out for me, just like those months between visits had never passed.  And oh, the feeling when those chubby little arms hugged me ever so tightly.  I still get tears in my eyes thinking about it.  She remembered!

Am I smitten?  Totally!  In love with her?  Absolutely!  And don’t even begin to think you can understand, unless you’re one of the proud, the elite, the grandparents!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in pictures

This year has been a busy one, filled with many road trips, fun-filled days in the sun, trips to Indiana, California, Texas, Washington, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia and D.C. There are always so many photo ops when you travel as much as I have this year.

When I was home, I enjoyed capturing our beautiful FL sunsets and some of the abundant wildlife. We enjoy riding around in Big Cypress NP and taking pictures, looking at the deer; I was shocked to get such a good one of a bear.  The dolphins always come up behind our boat, but I have never been able to capture one in mid air, so I think that is my favorite shot this year!

My daughter and granddaughter were here with us part of the year as her husband finished up his 2nd tour in Afghanistan.  We enjoyed celebrating my granddaughters 2nd birthday together. While she was here we created a butterfly garden but I didn’t begin to see butterflies until they returned to CA, so I took the photo above and asked her mom to show her. Anyone who is a grandparent will understand my obsession with photographing her.

My love and I enjoyed fishing together and we celebrated our 19th anniversary.  He and our youngest entered a fishing tournament together and we spent lots of time watching her play softball and volleyball.

This has been quite a challenge; to narrow down in just a few pictures – It was a great year; lots of family time – I am truly blessed!

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