Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual Point of View

Weekly Photo Challenge:  An Unusual Point of View

My husband and daughter were in a fishing tournament today. Instead of shooting the boats straight on, I noticed a storm cloud brewing overhead, so I angled the camera up. The result was pretty cool.

Mistaken identity

English: A typical Snellen chart. Originally d...I was about half a mile through my walk when I saw them in the distance.  There were three of them, rather large, down a darkened path on the corner I was approaching.  One was definitely black and another appeared to be a black and white mottled color.  This was strange because I didn’t know anyone who had dogs fitting this description in my neighborhood.

My heart began to race and I knew the smartest thing to do was turn around as quietly as I could and head for home, hoping they hadn’t noticed me.  One unknown dog is bad enough, but three could have dire consequences.  I turned around and walked quickly toward home, glancing back a time or two to make sure I wasn’t being pursued by a pack of dogs.

All the while I was getting angrier and angrier.  How dare people let their big dogs out to run around without any supervision when I was trying to get my daily exercise?  This walk was my sanity and now it was getting cut short due to someone’s negligence.  I planned and plotted in my head what I would say to the owner, the heated post I could make on Facebook.  So much for the calming effects this walk usually affords.

Whenever I got home, I explained to my husband why I was back so quickly.  He, being my protector and all, said he would find out who they belonged to and talk to them.  Later that day, after he had spoken with the closest neighbor to where I had spotted the dogs, we still knew nothing.  She didn’t have big dogs and didn’t know who they might have belonged to.

The next day, my desire to walk won over my fear of encountering them again, and thankfully, I haven’t.  All I could surmise was that perhaps they were just visiting with someone or lost and they were long gone.

Imagine my surprise today when my husband comes in the house with a big smile on his face and asked me if it were possible that the “dogs” were goats?  He saw the neighbor again and she said there were some goats nearby that had been getting out of the fence.  The animals that I saw were on the outside of the fence looking in, almost like they wanted to get back in.  I had no idea anyone nearby even owned goats, so never would have considered that a possibility.

One thing I have to admit is that my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.  As I’ve said many times, I love my forties and yes, I even love that I can laugh at myself and share embarrassing moments.  However, I do miss my 20/20 vision and looking back on that day, it infuriates me that I lost so much peace over goats!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

Foreshadow: A warning or indication of a future event.

The familiar sound of the reel shortly after my husbands bait hit the water,  indicated that a fish would soon be in the boat and a little later, on my plate.

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Foreshadow

Fishing with Mr. Patience


I am just sitting here on this rainy night, contemplating our upcoming anniversary outing this weekend.  We will probably drive a few hours just to “get away” and go fishing, something we both enjoy and I don’t have the pleasure of doing very often.

I felt the corners of my mouth turn upward into a smile as I recalled a day of fishing with my husband when we were first married.

We were fishing one afternoon and although I enjoy it when the fish are biting and I’m catching, I’m not such a die-hard that I won’t put my pole down for a while and lay in the sun with a book for a while, (which may exceed fishing as far as the relaxation factor goes).

We were way up some creek and the bugs were buzzing, gators were cruising and the occasional fish jumped near the boat.  It was getting late, so we were hoping to catch dinner soon.  Suddenly my husband had something on, and it wasn’t giving up easily.  This motivated me so I jumped up and grabbed my pole and casted, sinking my bait right where I wanted it.

In the meantime, my husband had pulled his beautiful fish in and was anxiously awaiting my turn.  He didn’t have to wait long until I also had a bite and then he began coaching me, like he always does.  This annoys me, but he can’t help it so I just deal with it.  In my humble opinion, I did everything right.  But something went wrong, and I lost the fish and it was a big one.  Not your ordinary big one, mind you, but a monster.  My fairly new (at the time) husband lost his patience with me and proceeded to explain in a somewhat aggravated tone, that if I’d done as I was told, we would have a fat fish in the boat.

I did what I always did back then, long before I was blessed with age and wisdom and the ability to admit that I am wrong and laugh about it.  I threw my pole down, stomped to the back of the boat and sat down sulkily, book in hand, anxiously awaiting the expected apology.

He got the poles situated, grumbled for a minute and then looked back and me and smiled.  I was much too stubborn at this point (and age) to smile back so I feigned extreme interest in my book and ignored him.  A minute later, he made his way to my side and hugged me and told me he was sorry for over-reacting and within seconds, all was forgiven.  My world was righted again.

I smile now because I think of all of our absurd little arguments and how so much anxiety could have been avoided if I’d only known then what I know now.  Surely others learn more quickly than I did, certainly we don’t have to be briskly approaching fifty to begin to see things from a broader perspective.

However, watching the younger ones, I see the same silly mistakes, the same ridiculous arguments and I realize we truly do live and learn and that living out these things is sometimes the only way we can learn.  Besides, some of the arguments that seemed to be such a big deal at the time are the ones I look back and laugh about now and actually remember fondly, because of the apologies and the way love has grown through all of this.  We have lots of stories to tell our grandchildren!

So, in a day or two, we will be alone, fishing again and I will have a book and he might lose his patience, but at the end of the day, we will still have each other.  And hopefully, enough fish for dinner.

Me with a nice red

Me with a nice red


I wanted to share this with you because I find so much happiness in watching it. My husband is a fishing guide and every day when he comes in, he has some friends that hang around waiting for handouts. They seem to know when he is coming before I do and stay right with him until they get some dinner. I hope you enjoy!

This old guy begins to wait patiently for my husband to come in from fishing

This old guy begins to wait patiently for my husband to come in from fishing

I think he heard the boat coming before I did

I think he heard the boat coming before I did

About the time I can hear it coming, he takes off in flight towards it

About the time I can hear it coming, he takes off in flight towards it

soaring along, food on his mind

soaring along, food on his mind

He finds the boat and paddles along behind it all the way in

He finds the boat and paddles along behind it all the way in

Now he is joined by a friend

Now he is joined by a friend

and then there were three, eagerly awaiting their dinner

and then there were three, eagerly awaiting their dinner


Me, long before the nickname kerplunk

Me, long before the nickname kerplunk


The smell of the low tide on the way home tonight brought back more childhood memories.  You know how you can be somewhere and just get a whiff of something and it can take you back to a specific time in your life?

My dad was a commercial fisherman and stone crabber and we were out on the water a lot growing up.  It’s hard to remember exactly how old I was, but I think I was around 10 or 11 and I must have been going through a gawky, clumsy stage.  One year my dad gave me the nickname “kerplunk”.  It wasn’t one of those nicknames that last you for the rest of your life (thank goodness!)  It was a nickname for a season.  And let me tell you, that particular season, I earned it.

It seemed that we couldn’t be in the boat or actually anywhere near a body of water without me falling in. “Kerplunk”, he would say.   I was thinking today that maybe the fact that dad started calling me that made me fall in even more, since our words hold such power.

I remember one time he was fishing and there was a large cooler in the boat and at the time the lid was halfway off.  I was precariously perched on the edge of it and before I knew it, I was overboard and trying to get back in the boat.  “Kerplunk”.  Another time, my dad was stopped near a mangrove tree and had told us all to sit down as he was about to take off.  In all my youthful stupidity, I thought it would be a cool idea to hang on to the mangrove branch as my dad moved forward.

The next thing I know, I’m hanging from the branch as the boat speeds away.  I thought it was pretty funny until the branch broke.   I screamed and they looked back about the time I found myself going under.  Thankfully, I did know how to swim.  I can still remember how the oyster shells felt when they cut through the tender flesh in the salty water.  My dad gave me a piece of his mind that day for that one, but he had to feel sorry for me at the same time.  I was a pathetic, bawling, dripping mess by the time they picked me up.

Then, it seemed that as quickly as my “kerplunk” incidents began, they just stopped happening.  I guess you could probably say I learned my lesson, started paying more attention instead of trying to merely get attention.  Even though it’s kind of an embarrassing one, it’s a good memory, because I remember all the good times we had out in the boat.  I’ll have to remind my dad about that the next time I see him.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in pictures

This year has been a busy one, filled with many road trips, fun-filled days in the sun, trips to Indiana, California, Texas, Washington, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia and D.C. There are always so many photo ops when you travel as much as I have this year.

When I was home, I enjoyed capturing our beautiful FL sunsets and some of the abundant wildlife. We enjoy riding around in Big Cypress NP and taking pictures, looking at the deer; I was shocked to get such a good one of a bear.  The dolphins always come up behind our boat, but I have never been able to capture one in mid air, so I think that is my favorite shot this year!

My daughter and granddaughter were here with us part of the year as her husband finished up his 2nd tour in Afghanistan.  We enjoyed celebrating my granddaughters 2nd birthday together. While she was here we created a butterfly garden but I didn’t begin to see butterflies until they returned to CA, so I took the photo above and asked her mom to show her. Anyone who is a grandparent will understand my obsession with photographing her.

My love and I enjoyed fishing together and we celebrated our 19th anniversary.  He and our youngest entered a fishing tournament together and we spent lots of time watching her play softball and volleyball.

This has been quite a challenge; to narrow down in just a few pictures – It was a great year; lots of family time – I am truly blessed!

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