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A lone buoy

I have always considered it a compliment to be on the receiving end of the phrase, “You have a sunny disposition”.  When I consider it, I think about a bright sunshiny day free of rain and clouds, warm and bright.

However, after just coming inside after my brief lunch break spent on my dock here in sunny, SW FL, I’m having second thoughts.

Being an early riser, the 11 o’clock hour (and often my tummy) heralds my lunch time.  I work from home and all day I’ve been longing for the outdoors.  The sun spills in from my window, casting a warm glow and I can see but a few puffs of cottony clouds slowing passing by.

I send my co-workers an IM telling them it’s that time and I’ll return soon, and I might have even teased them a bit about my yummy leftovers and the lovely, sunny day calling my name.  Hurriedly, I heat up my leftovers, fill my favorite glass with ice cubes and pour in some delicious iced tea, and don my sunglasses and flip flops.

I step outside relishing the initial feel of the heat, since I am coming out of a well air-conditioned (my husband would say too well, but that’s another story) environment. Making my way to my lounge chair, ready to slip off the flips flops, relax and enjoy my lunch, I take in the beauty of the green grass and flower blossoms.

As I reach my chair and sit down, carefully balancing my plate and placing my iced tea on the dock beside me, I accidentally brush against one of the arms of the chair and “yikes” that burns!  Whew, I will have to avoid that area.  Not that easily dissuaded, I get myself situated and begin to eat.  I’m thinking the microwave really wasn’t necessary as my food would have been well heated within minutes out here.

I look around and even the birds flying over seem slow and languishing.  Thinking about my husband who is out today on a fishing guide trip, I wonder if he is finding any breeze and hope for his sake and that of his clients that he is.

After I had eaten my food and downed the entire glass of tea and began munching on ice, I had to call it quits.  The heat was relentless, I was sweating and I had given up all hope for a breeze.  A sunny disposition, huh?  Well, let’s revisit that.   This type of sunny would imply an eerily still, breathless, sweltering, burning heat.

About this time, true to Florida weather pattern, I see a large angry looking cloud forming in the east and I know that before the birds succumb to heat stroke, they will see relief.  As for me, I’m back in the good ole’ AC for now, banging this out before my lunch break is over.

Rain or shine

Storms never last

It was a muggy Sunday afternoon and the steam rose up from the pavement as I traveled towards Miami to visit my granddaughter in the hospital.

Thankfully, I was nice and chilly thanks to my Explorer’s air conditioning unit.  As I took in the beauty around me and prayed for our little Cali and other needs, I remember becoming very aware of a Florida weather phenomenon if you will.

One minute it was raining, pelting down all around me, wipers rushing side to side on high speed, struggling to keep up with the falling drops.  The next minute, the sun was peeking out, I caught glimpses of that steam rising, and I could see blue skies ahead.  Then again suddenly, the clouds overhead would fight to shed their moisture, seemingly all on in one area and then I would burst forth out of the deluge again and readjust the wipers.  As soon as I thought we were down to that low intermittent speed, the skies would open up again.

If you are from Florida or traveled Florida much in the summer, you are likely shaking your head in agreement, as the same thing has happened to you.  Maybe it happens in other places too, but I’ve only experienced it in my home state.  Rain is pouring down on my neighbor and my grass and foliage is begging for a drop.

Anyway, all of this is occurring as I am fervently praying for answers and help with all of the complicated little vignettes of drama in my life.  The same thing occurs 4 or 5 times, and I was beginning to think it was getting a little creepy like I was in the twilight zone.   Finally I go through what was to be the last storm and I see the light…the sunlight and no more clouds.  I see perfectly beautiful, clear skies with no rain in sight.   I feel like God is showing me that there will be days of rain and days of sunshine, there will be storms, there will be times when you aren’t sure what to expect but in the end you will make it through.  There will be days of bright sunshine again.

Then I feel that peace, that wonderful peace that always assures me He has heard my cries.  And I know that he will continue to give me strength for the journey.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

It was a warm, sunshine kissed day in south Florida and I was especially happy as I was surrounded by my children and my granddaughter.  I snapped this photo when my husband had waded out to get something from the boat.  My granddaughter couldn’t decide what she thought about that.  She wanted Papa to come back to shore with the rest of us.

Don't leave me!

Don’t leave me!

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: One shot, two ways

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Today’s weekly photo challenge was “up”  Here is my contribution…

Mini vacation on my dock

Freezing in VA, made me miss home, so thought I’d post a little something I wrote the day before I left…

A brown pelican in Key West, Florida. Français...

A pelican flies by, one feathery wing dipped in the cool water, as if checking the temperature

A cool salty breeze tousles my curls and rustles through the palm fronds

The water laps around the dock as it’s carried to and fro by the tide

Puffy, cotton candy clouds drift by in a resplendent blue sky

The hot sun is leaving its kiss anywhere it touches bare flesh

A school of fish chasing their mid-afternoon meal ripple the peaceful water

The mangroves resonate with the songs and calls of the birds enjoying the mild winter

My eyelids grow heavy as I relax and soak it all in, like a massage

Ah, the beauty of a February day in Southwest Florida.

No to stripes and plaid; together that is

English: capri pants 1960. Deutsch: Caprihose ...

English: capri pants 1960. Deutsch: Caprihose von 1960. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have I ever said I love my forties!  Oh, I have?  Many times?  Well, excuse me for repeating myself.  I think repeating myself is coming right around the corner too so I might has well have a little practice.

I cannot help but ponder all the things that used to vex me daily.  Mostly about how I was perceived and how I looked.  It’s always been the little things that get me.  I would call myself a perfectionist in some areas, but then not at all in others.  And, I’m not over all of my little idiosyncrasies by any means, but I find myself happier and more at peace with myself every day.  Oh, the absurdities I’ve allowed to plague me!

Just today, I was telling a friend how that I’ve always had to match, even with sleepwear.  I’m not one of those people who can run around the house with stripes and plaid on.  Now, I’m not saying this is the way to be, but it is what it is at this point.  In high school, when the Gloria Vanderbilt, Jordache and Sasson (I am really dating myself here) jeans were in style, my shirts had to match the thread on the jeans.  I have harassed girlfriends when they wore white shoes in the winter; which is not a fashion faux pas anymore, by the way.  The fact that my toenail polished is chipped has often caused me to wear closed toed shoes in the heat of a blistering Florida summer.

Like I keep saying though, things they are a changing.  This morning I had on a below the knee nightshirt and this FL girl was cold in this frigid 53 degree weather.  Let’s take a moment until the laughter from our northern friends dies down.  So, I decided to add a pair of sweats, but all I could find was Capri length.  Then I realized my feet were the coldest thing on my body so I was strolling by my daughter’s room and caught a glimpse of her ankle high leopard print slipper/booties.  I’m really not sure what they are.  She wears them out of the house; I would not.  I slipped them on.

So, I walk by the mirror and had to laugh.  I looked ridiculous.  But no one knew (until now of course).  This admission, sharing it with all of you is success in itself as far as I’m concerned.  Don’t get me wrong, if someone would have knocked on my door, a mad dash for the closet would have ensued.

Maybe I will end up being one of those little old ladies with a mismatched outfit and lipstick in the wrong shade feathering into the creases around her wrinkled old lips, and a winter shoe with a summer outfit.  But, you know what?  Who cares, as long as I’m happy? J

What a life!

What a life!

Got this on a recent boat ride with my hubby in the 10,000 Islands of Everglades National Park; there were 4 of them playing; so much fun to watch!

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