Retro rainy day

Vintage lady bug radio

Vintage lady bug radio

A symphony of rain cascades down from skies that were blue only moments ago.  It’s as if there is a drummer at each window and one on the roof above, each playing from a different set of music, yet somehow blending into a most worthy concert.

As the rain falls, I sit, pen in hand, drowsy gaze resting on my 2 day old pink pedicure.  I smile, suddenly catching a glimpse (in my memory’s eye) of my mom brushing the last stroke of her favorite mauve shade on her toenails.  She looks up at me and says, “How’s the book?”  “It’s great, hard to put down”, I say as I back away, the heavy scent of nail polish assailing my sensitive nostrils.  Mom and I shared a great love for reading, so she understood my brevity.

I step inside the room I share with my younger sister, adjust the Holly Hobbie curtains to let some more light in, and resume my devouring of “The Hobbit”.

Across the hall , a towheaded little boy sporting a coon skin cap bought on vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains, and a red-headed little girl, lie on their stomachs on the “groovy gold” shag carpeting. They are surrounded by an army of “Best of the West” figures, set complete with Johnny West, Geronimo and General Custer.

Soon I hear the sound of dishes as mom begins dinner preparations and I turn on my little am radio, which is sitting on the Holly Hobbie table between our twin, Holly Hobbie spread laden beds.  The radio was a lady bug and the wings opened when I turned it on.  It was one of my most prized possessions at the time.

Music playing and all was right and peaceful in my pubescent world, not a care on my mind.  Reading while the rain fell outside was one of my favorite things.  The hard thing would be leaving my book when Dad arrived and dinner was on the table.

As I snap back to the present, the rain has ceased.  I’m thankful for a few wonderful moments caught up in seemingly austere, but precious childhood memories.

Reading is my favorite

Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series

Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love to read.  When I was a child reading was my favorite pastime.  Where I read was important too.  Depending on where we lived, or whose house I was visiting, I had my favorite spots.

While at home, I loved to paddle our little jon boat (flat bottomed boat with 3 bench seats) out and tie it to a big inner tube in the middle of the man-made lake (called “the rockpit”) that we lived in front of.  I would lie out there, not a care in the world and let myself be transported to another time and place.  I could read until dark or whenever mom called me in for dinner.  If I was inside, I was most likely on my bed, but it had to be made.  I don’t like to read in messy areas.

At Granny’s my preferred spot was outside in front of her house perched in the middle of a big, old ficus tree.  I would take a grape soda and some cookies out there and settle in for the long haul.   In later years when she moved, I made a cozy spot in her spare room/office, and often when I was younger I would make a fort over her desk and chair with sheets and blankets and use a flashlight to read by.  My surroundings have always been an important part of the equation when I want to read or think.

Whether it was Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, The Hobbit or Anne of Green Gables and Judy Blume boxed sets, I was captivated (unless of course, the reading was a ruse and I was actually eavesdropping on adult conversations which I enjoyed immensely).To this day, if I see a young girl with a book in hand, it brings back such warm memories.  I feel happy for them that they have discovered the joy of reading.  It can fill up lonely hours or make good use of time that you would spend waiting (at the dentist, doctor, hair dresser…I could go on and on ) and chase away boredom rather quickly.

My reading habits have changed somewhat over the years; sometimes I read more than a book a week, sometimes I go for a time without finishing one, but I still like the quiet. I like to read my bible first thing in the morning before the sun or anyone else is up; just me, my cup of coffee and God.

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