I hate runny yolks

Thanksgiving 2009 at Isabella and Cris

I find it slightly embarrassing that at my age, with as many years as I have been cooking, I found myself looking online to find out the “perfect” way to boil eggs.  I’ve always just boiled them to death and when they begin to crack and the white stuff runs out, they’re done, right?  It just never occurred to me to research this, or even ask someone.  It’s not like I don’t  have plenty of better than average cooks in my family.  Maybe, it’s because I rarely boil eggs.  There is the occasional need for one to throw in the tuna salad, or my husband might want egg salad for lunch, but that’s it.  Who cares what they look like?  Then the other day, I just happened to be paying attention when one of my friends was discussing the process of egg boiling (yes, there must have been quite a lull in exciting conversation).  I heard him say, “just bring to a boil, then remove from burner and let them sit”.  Interesting.  You mean I don’t have to cook them for 20 minutes?

So today when I decided deviled eggs would go well with the pork ribs we are having for dinner, this conversation flashed through my mind.  I couldn’t remember exactly what to do, so I went online and clicked the link to the first “How to boil eggs perfectly” link  I could find.  Again, I felt entirely stupid doing this.  The very informative article, flaunting lovely pictures, said to bring to a boil, remove from burner, cover and let sit for 12 minutes. Simple, right?  You would think so.  I followed the instructions to the proverbial “t”.  It was finally time to peel.  They peeled rather easily, but then immediately fell apart like the half raw eggs that they were!  Nice.  What now?  I doubted that even Google would be able to help me here.  I decided I was finished with flawed directives.  I put those eggs right back on the stove and proceeded to boil them to death (well almost).  I ran cold water over them,  peeled away and voila, nice COOKED eggs.  I proceeded to make my filling, add it to the sturdy little halves and finished in no time at all.  They are delicious, I might add.


  1. Jencie Griffis says:

    This is funny because my mother is like an expert egg boiler and I would always think, Is there really a science to boiling an egg. I was like you, boil it until it cracks. Then sure enough mom’s are always right. I tired her method several years ago and needless to say I have perfected the egg boiling process..Her method is start with cold water (of course), bring to a rolling boil, boil for one minute, turn off the burner and let sit for twelve minutes with a covered lid (on the burner)…Every time the need arises to boil eggs I always hear her voice in my head saying this..”Do you want to know how to make a perfect boiled fluffy egg”…I have also found myself over the years sharing this method with others..Just the other day I heard her on the phone saying to someone..” I will tell you how to make a perfectly boiled egg”……Thanks for sharing this story. It made me smile..

  2. Tamye Whitener says:

    I start with cold water, bring to a boil and let them boil for seven minutes, then remove from heat and let them sit for 20 minutes. Then I empty the water and spray them with cold water, until they are cool enough to peel. They peel real easy this way and my yokes are nice and yellow. I find if you boil them to long they get that outer green edge.

  3. jhancock79@aol.com says:

    Ok, here’s how I do it, altho I’m basically a kitchen retard. Mom’s way: Bring to a HARD boil for a minute or two, cover before removing from heat, let sit 20 minutes. Drain and soak in cold water. Done but not overdone (no green ring around the yolk). For easier peeling, drain the pan again & shake the pan hard till they crack all to pieces lol

  4. I think I have some good instructions for next time, for sure 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment!!

  5. I have to admit…. when I moved out of home (Illinois) and down to a job (Florida), I soon tired of boxed Macaroni and cheese… and found a paperback copy of the Girl Scout’s Cookbook. Included in its valuable pages was a section on hard-boiled eggs. They always came out perfectly. Unfortunately, I have since (in one of the downsizing efforts) lost track of that book, and the last couple of years I, too, must confess to going online when it comes time to boil eggs. Never have found a formula as good as the one in the GS Cookbook, though….

  6. ha ha I love this Lisa!!!! You have awesome blogs and make me laugh!!! It is exactly what we all do — go to google if we need help even if it is to boil eggs!! I had to google how to tie a tie ahhh with four boys and a husband you would think I would be an expert!!! Love you and so enjoy your writings and thoughts!!!! 🙂

  7. deanna grimm says:

    Hehehe sissy you crack me up! Cute story. I bring water to boil then time eggs for 15 mins. Waa-laah!! Lol sometimes they come out perfect sometimes not? I have never been able to figure it out? Oh yeah I for sure run cold water over eggs and at times add ice?? Isnt. This a little to complicated? I was hanging on to your story sissy to see if there was a short cut? Okay love you!

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