Love the you that God created you to be!

This morning my facebook post said, “Thankful that I’m comfortable in my skin, with who I am, how I look, what I believe in and how I live – All the thanks goes to God ♥”.  I wrote it, walked away and began to get ready to go pick up some Christmas things.

For some reason, I was thinking…I wonder if people will in any way think that was vain, especially the part about being happy with how I look.  I’m hopeful people won’t take that the wrong way.

To elaborate, maybe I can take you back to high school.  Was anyone ever insecure, trying to “fit in” or mold yourself to a ever changing standard?  Did you think you were too fat, too thin, too quiet, too loud?  Were you jealous?  Did you secretly wish certain people liked you more, paid you more attention?  Were you a part of the ‘in” crowd, but too scared of the ramifications of reaching out to those who weren’t?  Did you morph yourself into every boyfriend you ever had taking on their likes, dislikes as your own, turning yourself into someone you didn’t recognize?  Everyone had their own set of issues, fears, concerns.

I don’t remember when things really began to change for me, maybe in my thirties, about the time I renewed my faith.  Coincidence?  Not for me.  I also know that the many things we go through in life also mature us and change us. 

I just know that one day I realized that I was no longer bound to what the world and the magazines and whoever was the most popular told me was socially acceptable or a worthy goal.  I am very capable of deciding how to dress, how to please my husband and raise healthy, happy children.  My guidebook is the bible, not Cosmo, and strangely enough, I’ve done well.

If I could give a gift, all wrapped up in a BIG RED BOW, to all of the younger women I know, I would tell them this.  Love the you that God made you to be.  We were not all created to be cookie cutter images of each other or of some pop culture icon.  Be healthy, exercise self-control, give much, love more, and cherish moments, not things (can never say this enough), be happy with your body; take care of it as you will need it for a long time, but don’t make it your God or an obsession.  After all, beauty is fleeting.  It’s what’s on the inside that’s going to last and make the biggest impression, good or bad.

Find that peace that comes with knowing who you were created to be.  Recognize your unique gifts and talents and use them to promote love, kindness and peace.  Keep the faith!

Be Blessed!


  1. Jencie Griffis says:

    This is lovely.. Thanks for sharing;;;

  2. Sabrina Alcala says:

    Well said Lisa. I had a few of those issues in high school and it wasn’t easy. I also try and focus on how the Lord made me and not how ppl expect me to be. Not everyone agrees or likes it but as long as it keeps me and my family happy, I don’t worry about. Thnx

  3. Sherron Cooper says:

    Thank you, Lisa, for your wise words. As the grandmother of four beautiful and unique Teens-well, one is 12-I hope that they all can always remember that beauty comes from within, This is very important for young boys also. Designer clothes and smart phones and all the makeup in the world can not make anyone more beautiful or desirable if they are not happy with themselves from the inside out

  4. Thanks for your comment, Sherron!

  5. Very nice post, very inspiring.

  6. deanna grimm says:

    Okay!! This was me and more! Lol but I can’t write a book so…….I will just say! Yes!! I love me! Once I started having an intimate relationship with my Daddy Jesus I started through time discovering the real me the real Deanna who He created! Amen! I really never knew who I was up until that point in my life! But when you know who you are in Him and how much HE TRULY LOVES YOU. You will love yourself and that void will be filled!! No more approval addiction from the world! You have your Daddys and that’s all that matters! I love myself and my life would not want anyone elses! I try and find the beauty in everything and everyone!!:-) I say this: we are all feilds and each one of us has a treasure hidden! I always look for that treasure in everyone!! Love you All!!

  7. deanna grimm says:

    Superb!! Sissy!!:-) Your writing always amazes me!! And your right!! It wasn’t until God in my life that I looked at myself totally different! And yes it was in a different way! With His beautiful love, I finally knew who I was in Him, my Creator!! I love who He created and would never want it any other way! Iam finally truly happy!:-) keep the awesome writing up! I love you!

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