To watch or not to watch

Maxine comics

Maxine comics

Are you watching the Super Bowl today?  I am not unless my family is home and watching it and I just happen to be in the room (translate as I will watch with my family if they want to because I love them).  I used to, but along with all the other wonderful freedoms that come with age and maturity, I don’t feel compelled anymore to follow the crowd.  I wonder how many people out there today are planning to watch and really wish they were doing something else?  Been there, done that.

The bigger question for me is when did any type of event start to always turn into a huge monstrosity of a party for so many.

We can’t have sweet, simple little birthdays anymore.  Those become events when the child is around, let’s see…one.  We have to hire a circus, dancing monkeys or something just as fabulous to keep up with everyone else.  I’ve done it too; I’m not judging.  I just remember a simpler time and I miss it.

The new holiday items are on the shelves before we finish buying for the last holiday.  Everything is so commercialized and there is so much STUFF out there until when you do buy a gift anymore, even for a small child, you have no idea what to get because they really do have everything.

The electronic revolution has helped catapult us into approaching every new holiday or event with the mentality of honoring it with the best post, funniest tweet, most awesome pinterest folder, most unique desserts, best costumes and decorations and gifts.  We are prodded and poked with ideas, pictures, suggestions.  Even if we had a good idea of our own, we probably couldn’t eek it out of our already overstuffed brains sometimes.

Does anyone else agree?  Am I getting old or cynical?  Or am I realizing that while there are people starving and devastated and lonely, I am spending too much time on materialistic trivialities to bother taking the time to pray for them, to think of them, to do anything to help.

I am grateful for all of the ways we have to communicate nowadays, I really am.  My prayer is that I would use them to encourage and uplift others and to spread the word about truly meaningful events.

I do believe we have to have fun, relax and all of those things – I’m not “dissing” anyone who is truly enthusiastic about watching the Super Bowl today – may your favorite team win.  I’m just reflecting on my own priorities and wanting more than ever for them to line up with God’s will for me.   I want to place the correct and proper value on things and events, not the value that everyone else says must be placed on them.



  1. simplestuffandsuch says:

    Great blog, I loved reading this post. It’s a fun, enjoyable read with a huge message for us all. I am however the opposite when it comes to the Superbowl. I never watched it…ever. Finally I did…(at least i think it was the Superbowl…. Superbowl is football…..right? LOL) It was a phenomenal game a very close game….it was in 2009 and I was dating an avid football player. I was supposed to be (had wanted to be in the kitchen making snacks). We ate after…..I sat down and there i spent the game — on the edge of my seat with the rest of them. But i hear you about the parties and celebrations. I think you are onto something…. perhaps when we are all grandmothers – we can hold our own special “birthday party’ for our grandkids.. and bring back all the old games for them like pin the tale on the donkey, and hot potatoe. I’m sure the kids would love it. After all it’s not the mind of a child that has changed. Thanks for the post… I read it with a smile on my face.

  2. Thanks for your comment and I’m glad it brought a smile to your face. I am a grandmother of one so far and I love your idea 🙂 Have a great night!

  3. Its redonkulous

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