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Some days I sit and ponder the strangest things.  Today I was on facebook and there was a post that grossed me out.  I thought, “hmm, I could gripe about it”, or do what I ended up doing, which was hide it so it didn’t show up on my wall.

This caused me to think about how so many people don’t know that much about some of the options they have when using facebook, so they join, friend anyone who asks them to and are soon inundated with topics, pictures, quotes, novellas and game invites.  That’s when the complaining begins.

I will be honest.  I joined facebook to stalk my children.  I continue to use facebook to stalk my children but have enjoyed the ease of staying in touch with friends and family, finding and reconnecting with people, viewing pictures of my friends and their children and I hope they feel the same.

When I searched my heart over the time it can rob from you if you aren’t careful, I personally found that the pros outweight the cons, if used wisely.  I also want to encourage others, so I try to find scriptures, quotes and pictures that lift up, bring a smile, or cause people to think.  Many enjoy it for the same or similar reasons.

However, if you don’t, I want those who feel like they are stuck in a soap opera, or if they are feeling offended by certain posts or beliefs, or if they just feel like they will scream if they have to see one more picture of Aunt Jane’s beloved shitzu…..there is hope.

I have found several things to be true.  If I do not know someone, I probably should not accept their friend request because I have no idea of their motive.  In the event that you don’t want to offend someone because that nice man might be someone you dated in high school, but you just can’t recollect, send them a message first and ask them.  A simple, “Who are you and why do you want to be my friend?” works every time.

Secondly, if you have “friend”, who you regret ever “friending”, you can delete them.  If you are a nice person and you don’t want to offend your neighbor by completely deleting them, you can hide them where you are still “friends”, but you don’t ever have to see a thing they post unless you really want to.

You may also select what types of posts you receive from people.  I find this particularly effective when dealing with those who constantly post spam or offensive pictures.    Sometimes there just may be that one post that you don’t want to ever see again….Yes, you’re getting it, you may hide it!

On the other side of the topic…..Facebook is a social networking site.  My facebook account is mine.  I can put whatever I want on it, because it is mine.  I’m free to post 1,000 pictures of my granddaughter a week if I get the urge and I can express my political opinions, my religious opinions, my love for whatever I love.  And the thing is, if you don’t like it, don’t want to see it, or are just tired of me altogether, you have options.

And lastly, please remember that there are many levels of users – Some people have to look at their entire newsfeed from the last time they were on facebook, so they do not miss a thing – Others don’t go on for days or weeks or even months.  The point being, everyone may not see your post so please do not be offended if they do not read/like/comment/share.

In a way, this feels like one of the most ridiculous posts, I’ve ever made.  However, if it helps someone to navigate and enjoy their social networking a little more, I guess my time was well spent.  Besides, I got it off my chest.  To find out how to do all that I mention above, go to Help in Facebook, or get used to hovering your mouse around areas where you see arrows or drop-downs, and check things out…..or if you want to ask me here, I will be glad to try and help.  Just be advised, I am by no means an expert!


  1. I love your honesty in stalking your children….I told my girls they don’t have a choice – they have to be my friend! 🙂 I think your post is a GREAT idea!

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