Weekly Photo Challenge: Container

The Weekly Photo Challenge was to share a container you find interesting.  I love to keep this container (feeder) filled with black oil sunflower seeds.  My husband and I enjoy a “couple” of cardinals that frequent our backyard.

Cardinal in backyard

Cardinal visit

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

It was a warm, sunshine kissed day in south Florida and I was especially happy as I was surrounded by my children and my granddaughter.  I snapped this photo when my husband had waded out to get something from the boat.  My granddaughter couldn’t decide what she thought about that.  She wanted Papa to come back to shore with the rest of us.

Don't leave me!

Don’t leave me!

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

The Weekly Photo Challenge, was to share your interpretation of “on the move.”

As I watched my granddaughter on her first bike, it seemed like just yesterday that it was her mother….Wow, time flies!  Enjoy them every minute that you can!


I've got this!

I’ve got this!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Reflection


It could be a person who helps you see things clearly, a place you go to collect your thoughts, or an object that reminds you of your achievements.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more soothing than watching a gorgeous south Florida sunset while reflecting on your day.  Take the time at least every once in a while.  It is well worth it.



Leave your mark


As I turned to walk toward home, I saw the long white mark in the sky.  The beautiful blue background made it very noticeable.  A jet had made it’s mark against the backdrop of today’s seemingly endless blue skies.  As I gazed upward, the stripe began to grow a little hazy, it’s lines less defined.  It became lighter and within a few moments, it was gone.  I recalled watching these streaks in the sky until they disappeared when I was a child and wondered why I was so attracted to this fading puff in the sky.  After all, it doesn’t really leave much of a mark, just a temporary trail; they are actually sometimes called “vapor trails”.  It’s presence is fleeting.  It is big, bold and powerful, for a moment…..but quickly gone and forgotten.

“Leaving a mark” stuck in my mind and the wheels began to turn.  What is my mark, I pondered?  I would hope that it would be colorful, not plain old white, which my 4 year old granddaughter would quickly tell you, is the absence of color.   She has smart parents, but I digress.

I want my mark to be big and bold, but more importantly, lasting and worthy of repeating.  I don’t want it to be meager and shallow, but significant and deep.

Every single one of us is leaving one.  Aren’t you glad to know that if you started out faint and superficial, you have time to broaden your stroke?  If you have left black, ugly marks, there is still time for healing.  If you feel you haven’t left much of an impression at all, you can begin to color and embellish.  Additionally, we can also choose to overlook the marks left by others and encourage them to paint over and start fresh.

Let’s leave marks of kindness, faithfulness, generosity, compassion, integrity, patience and above all love.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes (take two)

Okay, I just had to share one more “Three” photo from the Weekly Challenge when I ran across this one.  This is my one and only grandchild, enjoying cake on her 2nd birthday.  She had to have the three Disney princesses on the plate.  She loves cake and didn’t appear to even notice that I was snapping away!

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Threes (take two)

THREE princesses from my birthday cake!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes


I took this while in Texas visiting my youngest daughter.  We had just enjoyed lunch and tea at the Ambrosia Tea Room in Salado.  We were enjoying a nice walk together in the crisp November air.  She had been a married woman for only a month and I remember smiling at the realization of the subtle, but interesting changes in our relationship and conversations even after such a short time.

We took the time to slow down and enjoy the scenery around us and shared meaningful and heart warming conversation.  She is the photographer in the family and it was her idea to capture the “old bicycles on a fence”. 

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Threes

Three bicycles

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I will have to admit that I wasn’t too thrilled with this week’s photo challenge.  “Selfies” get a lot of negative press so I didn’t want to take the normal approach.  If you are at all like me, it would take 50 selfies for me to get one that I like if I was going for something like a profile picture.  For this, I decided to go with a sillier side of me, which people who don’t know me that well, don’t often see.

I find myself wishing all my facebook friends would take some interesting “out of the box” selfies.  They would be so much more fun to look at than just a smiling face or (heaven help us all) duck lips in front of a bathroom mirror which is what graces a good 70% of the profiles I see.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Object

Believe it or not, this lonely little green plastic toy soldier has the power to induce blatant bawling in this nana. My one and only grandchild lives almost 13 hours away, so we don’t get to see her as much as we would like to. Her daddy is a U.S. Marine and they are stationed in New Orleans.

After a visit, when I know their departure is imminent, I search for anything and everything that might get left behind. This is a self-serving effort meant to spare me the tears when my emotions are finally back to normal and I find something she forgot. After one of their last visits though, I found these little guys all over the place. They were in my makeup, under the sofa, in the cabinets and even in one of my shoes. The memories rush back and the ache in my heart seems almost unbearable.

Yes, she has a huge chunk of my heart in Louisiana with her and all I have are memories until the next time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtapostion

A juxtaposition is “the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast”


Sweet and Sour

This challenge reminded me of a frequent occurrence during a particular period of time when I was young.  Some afternoons, my dad liked to “take a ride” with the family in his pickup truck down one of the dirt roads.  Before we embarked on our adventure, we often stopped at Mrs. Watson’s store for snacks.  We could each pick one candy item and I remember how mom would always tell us we were silly if we picked anything other than chocolate.  She would say, “Eww, you picked that old sour stuff”. On the occasions where she got something too, she invariably picked chocolate.  When we got into the truck with our Sweet Tarts, Razzles, Lemon Heads, and Now and Laters, she teasingly declared their inferiority beside the long adored chocolate.

As I opened the bag of chewy sweet tarts and popped two, one yellow and one purple,  in my mouth I immediately grimaced as the sour registered on my tongue.  I began to parallel the sweetness and the sour to our lives and the way we sometimes pick the sour over the sweetness.  When life delivers the inevitable discomfort of a “sour” scenario, we have choices.  We can suck on that for a while, even though it makes us wince, until we ultimately find ourselves enjoying it, relishing in the bitterness.  Bitterness, hatred and unforgiveness are like a slow growing disease that saps all of our joy and strength.

We can also choose to lift our chin up, forgive quickly, learn whatever God would teach us from the situation and move on.  And as I read the other day from a devotional, “feelings should be indicators, not dictators”.  In the end, it’s your choice, but if you would rather be happy and bring joy to others, pick the sweet!

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