Work instead of whine

puffy clouds

puffy clouds


The wind is strong and fierce today, whipping noisily through the trees

It blows through my open window; sends papers sailing on a breeze

Birds are singing heartily as they hunt and perch and play

And I’m stuck at my computer as I work the day away

What is it about this windy day that beckons me, “Come Out!”

Autumn always grips me; I want to frolic all about

Soon enough, my workday will end and my time will be all mine

But for now, I must be content to work instead of whine

A somewhat silly poem by me (and I waited until after work to write it)


Daily Prompt: Conflicted


Conflicting emotions wrestle inside

How much do I show?  How much do I hide?

The decision is mine over what to convey.

Can I trust my own voice with what I must say?

Do I hold back the tears?  Do I keep them at bay?

Or, are they part of the truth?  Let them flow, pour away.

My tentative nature makes this difficult, you see?

But then I remember, it’s not about me.

It never was…and therein lies the key.

From that moment, I realize what the answer must be.



Cover of "9/11 [Region 2]"

Cover of 9/11 [Region 2]

I will always remember that violent day,


Where I was, how my heart broke, how we gathered to pray.


For the victims, I felt horror, for their families I cried.


On that day my belief in security died.


The pictures and video with power to haunt,


Most nations supportive, but others would taunt.


I always wonder about the heroes who died on that day.


If they could send us a message, just what would it say?


I believe they would say hold your family near,


And don’t let this continue to consume you with fear


Enjoy every moment of this life! Go and live it!


Lift up prayers for your country and those who protect it.


Yes, I’ll always remember no matter how long it’s been


As 9/11 rolls around again and again.



By:  Lisa




Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Moody like the sea
There are times when I’m calm and peaceful; relaxed and well at ease.
So perfectly contented my eyelids droop; with sleep, they tease
At other times I’m frantic, frenzied, prickly as a pear
Boisterous, ranting, raving like a savage, or a bear
I find I’m like the ocean, yes, I’m moody like the sea.
And yet I know to soothe my soul, there’s no place I’d rather be.

By:  Lisa

Day at the beach

Day at the beach

The Power of a Memory

Irish blessing with background of Everglades sunset.

Irish blessing with background of Everglades sunset.

Everyone has them, we make more every day.

Though unbidden at times, our minds obediently display

Some are quite wonderful, insisting we smile

Others, nostalgic, take us back for a while

Then there are those that we’d rather forget

The bad ones, the memories that leave our cheeks wet

If we are smart, we will learn from them all

About life, faith and friendship, and to answer God’s call

How to fail, yet get up again, stronger than before

How to embrace this brief life til’ we reach yonder shore

I am thankful for memories, no matter which kind they might be

You see, the power of a memory is a wondrous thing to me.

By:  Lisa

Memories left behind

Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses (Photo credit: brentdanley)

I found a tiny plastic Dora underneath my couch today

This conjured up a memory of our Ayda here at play

Snow White, Belle and Ariel conversing in the castle

Little green marines surround it, keeping enemies at bay

Lincoln logs and tinker toys, crayons and coloring books

Some of the toys they left here, some of them they took

A smile always lights up my face, when I find one of these reminders

While here, she found some hiding places where she forgot to look

A tiny sock without a match, a sticker fading on the wall

A little gingham too-big dress, left in the closet in the hall

Books to leave for next time, because she has one at home just like it

Memories galore, no matter where my glance may fall

By:  Lisa

Good ole’ USA

Ayda with daddy's hat on

Ayda with daddy’s hat on

I am thankful for my home here in the dear old USA

I’m also grateful for the sacrifices and lives that had to pay

For this thing called independence, in a land where we are free

Although we’re wrought with troubles, there’s no place I’d rather be

As we gather with our loved ones to watch fireworks light the sky

And we fire up the grills; have barbeques and apple pie

May we all choose to remember we are blessed, yes…me and you

Let’s raise the flag and give a cheer for the red, white and the blue!

By:  Lisa


IMG_2247 (2)

Salty summer breeze offering little comfort

Warm rays of sunshine caress everything within its vast reach

All is quiet, except for gentle waves lapping against the boat

The occasional seagull cries out in his quest to find dinner

My eyelids are heavy with a lovely, peaceful drowsiness

My book falls to the floor as I give in to slumber…ahhhh

By Lisa

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting #2


I wrote this poem today after gleaning inspiration from this photo I recently took.  Lately, more than ever, I have learned to enjoy the “right nows” in my life.  We are always rushing things, thinking that something in the future is the big thing that will finally right our world or somehow perfect it.  We have to live for now, cherish each moment with our loved ones.  Time is fleeting and we never know what today, much less tomorrow holds.  Be blessed!

Time is fleeting, time is flying, and time is promptly rushing by

While I sit and wait for “moments”, the sun is setting in the sky

Wasting the now, biding my time, as the important event; it draws near

Losing the present, while lost in the future, forsaking the now and the here

Might I live in this moment, embrace this fine hour, presently finding the bliss

Making beautiful memories today, on which I will soon reminisce

If your life was a parade


If your life was a parade, what banner would you wave?

Would you hold it really high, so all could see as you passed by?

Or would you hide yourself behind, so that no one knew your mind?

Would you lead from the first row or would you follow those you know?

Would you lag behind feeling numb, or would you march to your own drum?

What kind of music would you play?  Joyful?  Bluesy?  A mixed array?

As you passed the people along the way, would you really see them or just look away?

Marching on, towards the end, are you pleased with what awaits, my friend?

By: Lisa

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