Daily Prompt: Smell You Later

The writing prompt today was as follows:

Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

My sister and I getting ready for a dance recital in the 80s

My sister and I getting ready for a dance recital in the 80s

Think 1980-something, in the fall and early winter.
Teenage girls, donning Gloria Vanderbilt, Sergio Valente or Sasson jeans and fuzzy sweaters, and coating soft, supple, unspoiled skin with Merle Norman makeup.

The bathroom mirror is shared to capacity, each girl straining to get the best view. Makeup stains, and hair filled brushes line the formica countertop along with curlers and Aqua net hairspray. Speaking of hair, it had been determined by those who determine all trends that as for hair; the bigger the better.

Thus, the girls bent upside down, with luscious locks falling all topsy-turvy, and hairspray creating a fog so thick, we were dangerously close to needing a lighthouse. But coat it we would, ensuring that it last through Endless Love and Keep On Loving You and Celebration and whatever else our cassette tapes held.

Glossy lips shimmering, Bette Davis eyes complete, gaudy earrings hanging, charm necklaces bulging with charms, which continually caught in the sweaters, and finally everyone is ready.

It is at last time for the last touch, the scent. Our favorites at the time were Cinnabar and Ciara. It was always one or the other. I have never been able to smell Cinnabar without it bringing me back to those carefree, teenage dating days.

My mom, my sister and I and many of our friends wore it. It’s funny how a scent can transport you to a special time and place filled with such delightful memories.

Memories as sweet as the scent of Cinnabar.

Green but not for St Patrick’s Day

Jan 1st 09 - Project 366.No, I didn’t go to a crazy Saint Patrick’s day party and I was not trying out a new hair color.  It’s the Blistex lid and yes, it IS melted and um-hmm….I did this.

So, does anyone have a teenage daughter who likes your bathroom better because it has more or bigger mirrors?  And because of this, they leave their makeup, brushes, hair ties, deodorant, etc., all over your counters?  If so, you will understand this better than most.

I was in a huge rush today.  I had taken off work just early enough to throw some clothes and makeup on and get out the door to a chiropractor appointment.  For some reason, unbeknownst to me, my neck is very tense and out of whack!

Anyway, I decided my new hair do needed a quick touch up with the straightener, so I plug it in while I throw the makeup on.  I only have a few minutes left, so I grab a huge hunk of hair and pull the straightener through and lo and behold, there is green goo all in my hair!!  I was shocked and surprised, but had no idea where it had come from!  After freaking out for a moment, like any good,  self-proclaimed southern belle would do, I was able to calm down and get it out without damaging my hair.

As I picked up the straightener again to clean it off, I happened to look down and saw the culprit.  My daughter in all her messiness had left the straightener too close to a tube of blistex and when I turned it on, it melted all over it.  I had picked it up and pulled it right through my hair. I guess I can’t blame her entirely, but my counters were certainly a lot cleaner while she was out of town on Spring Break.

I told the girl who was doing my deep tissue massage at the chiropractors office the story and she got a good laugh.  I didn’t want her to see green bits and think I had something nasty or leftover in my hair.

The thing is, as messy as she can be and as crazy as things can get sometimes, I am very much aware that I will miss this.  Every little tiny bit of it!

Just get me outta here

A changeroom in a department store

So, I finally got the okay from my hubby to cut my hair quite a bit shorter.  He has always loved it long but understood I just needed a change.  My appointment was relaxing and I’m very happy with the results (as is he)!

After the hair was done, I had about an hour to kill waiting for my daughter’s softball game to begin so what better to do than peruse the racks for the new spring dress contributions?  I picked up my normal size and headed to the dressing room to try on a couple.

I loved the first one I picked, it was red, white and black and displayed a very striking geometric pattern.  I had a little trouble pulling it over my head and down over my hips, but then it fit rather well; I was pleased and adored this little dress.  I probably would have purchased if the following hadn’t occurred.

I tried to pull it off over my head and I could NOT get it off.  Have you ever been in a dressing room, trying not to touch much of the floor with your bare feet, attempting to wriggle and wiggle out of a dress that is stuck somewhere in the middle as you attempt to remove it?  It’s like they make it really tight at the top and once you pull it down, it fits, but trying to take it off is a nightmare.  I don’t know about you, but on the few occasions this has happened to me, I feel like I am suffocating or claustrophobic or something.  For some reason, it felt like jumping up and down would help.  It didn’t.  I’m fortunate I didn’t break something or hurt myself.  And of course, in the middle of my panic, someone has to bang on the door and ask if anyone is in there.  Oh, for the nerve to open up and say “Help me, please!” I got to the point where I literally would have ripped it off and just paid for ruining it, if it would just go over my head.  It was about this time that I noticed the little hidden zipper on the side.  Well whaddya know, that sure made it simple after all.  I was so annoyed that I didn’t even hang it back on the hanger straight.  It didn’t deserve it!

The other dress won, of course.  It’s cute too, but not as trendy and whimsical.  It doesn’t have a hidden zipper or any other kind of zipper, button, belt or other hindrance.  It doesn’t make a bold statement and didn’t even yell for me to take it off the rack.  It’s a safe bet, will look nice whether up or down 5 lbs.  It’s pull on and pull off.  And the more I explain, the less enamored I am with it.

The red, white and black had lost all of my love and respect in just a few short moments but now that my anger is gone, I’d gladly take it back if I could.  Maybe I will return another day and try it on again after all 🙂

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