Daily Prompt: Sweet sixteen

Me and my Celica

Me and my Celica

Remember the year I turned sixteen?  Must I?  What a tumultuous year, a year filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, a veritable roller coaster.

Looking back, meandering down that passionate, tormenting, and at times exciting path makes me smile now.  That is, after I reassure my racing heart that those days are over and we have lived and learned plenty since then.

To highlight the good first, I got a brand new car; a Toyota Celica with a moon roof.  My dad put money down and I made the payments working at my part time bank job.

Dancing was one of my favorite past times and that year and much of my solace came from lessons at Miss Debbie’s School of Dance.  I could work out the frustrations and stress of being a teenage girl through jazz, tap and ballet.  My introversion which I mistook for shyness back then disappeared when performing in a recital.

I suffered what I thought was my biggest heartbreak ever that year and went on to begin a new relationship which would deliver an even bigger one.

Seriously, I must add that this year was a defining one for me and not in a good way.  I lost myself in a young man and gave up on my hopes and dreams and settled for what I had somehow began to believe was all I deserved, much to my wonderful mother’s chagrin.  I won’t elaborate on all the whys and what could have beens, because I believe in the end, I learned a lot and some of that made me who I am today.

There is no reasonable explanation for why I made some of the choices that I made, but thankfully, God is merciful.  Although, I suffered plenty at the hands of love, I made it through that fire intact, albeit singed and in need of tender loving care.

I think sweet sixteen is an oxymoron, and I know many who would readily agree with my assessment.  As for me, I’m much happier now as a forty-something, confident, life loving, secure, blessed and highly favored, woman of God.

Daily Prompt: Smell You Later

The writing prompt today was as follows:

Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

My sister and I getting ready for a dance recital in the 80s

My sister and I getting ready for a dance recital in the 80s

Think 1980-something, in the fall and early winter.
Teenage girls, donning Gloria Vanderbilt, Sergio Valente or Sasson jeans and fuzzy sweaters, and coating soft, supple, unspoiled skin with Merle Norman makeup.

The bathroom mirror is shared to capacity, each girl straining to get the best view. Makeup stains, and hair filled brushes line the formica countertop along with curlers and Aqua net hairspray. Speaking of hair, it had been determined by those who determine all trends that as for hair; the bigger the better.

Thus, the girls bent upside down, with luscious locks falling all topsy-turvy, and hairspray creating a fog so thick, we were dangerously close to needing a lighthouse. But coat it we would, ensuring that it last through Endless Love and Keep On Loving You and Celebration and whatever else our cassette tapes held.

Glossy lips shimmering, Bette Davis eyes complete, gaudy earrings hanging, charm necklaces bulging with charms, which continually caught in the sweaters, and finally everyone is ready.

It is at last time for the last touch, the scent. Our favorites at the time were Cinnabar and Ciara. It was always one or the other. I have never been able to smell Cinnabar without it bringing me back to those carefree, teenage dating days.

My mom, my sister and I and many of our friends wore it. It’s funny how a scent can transport you to a special time and place filled with such delightful memories.

Memories as sweet as the scent of Cinnabar.

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