I blog because…..

ahh..you can smell them

ahh..you can smell them

Lately, it’s been difficult to write.  I have second guessed myself regarding what I feel is one of my “callings”.    Yet, something deep inside provokes me to continue, even when the wind seems to have left my sails.

The reason I started blogging was two-fold.  One reason is that I have experienced enough of this life to have something helpful to say that might touch a life, even just one.   Barreling quickly towards 50, and married with two grown daughters and one grandchild, I have gained veteran status in many areas.  I sincerely want my words to bring reflection and healing.

The other reason is that since I was a child, I have had a love affair with words on paper.  Whether journaling vacation antics, writing short stories and poetry, penning long detailed letters or just jotting down random thoughts, nothing else gives me the thrill and sense of fulfillment that writing does.

My long-term goal in starting a blog wasn’t to find out if writing is something I should do as I can’t imagine not doing it, but to get better at it, knowing that one day I will finally have the experience and courage to write a novel, my life long dream.

Since I long for improvement, I will now solicit advice from those of you who have supported me.  (Thank  you!)  Is there a particular type of post that you like “best”?  Are there topics you would like to see me blog about?  And, does the fact that I also participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge take away from my blog?  Should I possibly separate the two?

As I start the new year, and hope to be a better blogger, your valued opinions and wisdom will be greatly appreciated.



Christmas threads

SONY DSC“Ma’am, may I ask you a question?”  The persistent young lady clutching a tube of sea salt, something or other, actually matched my steps for a few seconds as I hurried past the mid-mall vendor.  After my “no thank you” didn’t faze her tenacity, I tried “No thank, you I’m not interested” in a more serious tone.  When that also failed to weaken her resolve, I decided to just pick up my pace and ignore her.  She was intent on making a sale but I was determined to escape.

Moments later, I settled into a seat with my lunch to take a break and re-group.  I found myself feeling angry.  Why should my leisurely trip to the mall be interrupted by an incident that left me feeling like I’d done something wrong?  I don’t like to use my firm tone of voice and I certainly don’t like to ignore people.  My day begins with a prayer to show love to others, not return rudeness.

Determined not to lose my joy, I let it go, adamant in my desire to shine a little brighter for the remainder of my day.

I begin to recall memories of Christmas shopping in this very mall with my mom, my husband, my mother in law, my girls and many friends.  Some of them are no longer here, but I can meander through the memories and find the moments and share them again.

The heart of Christmas for me lies in my Christian roots; the reality of the gift given to the entire world on that Christmas long ago.  When we celebrate Christmas, it’s based on that love and although December can be hurried and harried, that is where the focus must remain.

As I began to look around a few stops later, I noticed the exuberant face of a little boy as he carefully selected ornaments with his mother.  She spoke softly to him, love and tenderness in her voice.  They were both young and creating “moments” together to be cherished for years to come.

I rounded the aisle and saw what appeared to be a family, according to their similarities in look.  There was an elderly woman in a wheelchair, being pushed by a younger woman, who could have been her daughter.  I paused to let them pass and they smiled in thanks.  Directly in pursuit of them was a younger woman, who was very noticeably pregnant.  I wondered if I was perhaps looking at four generations (one still in the oven).  They made me smile as they laughed and joked about who was “bringing up the rear”, obviously enjoying each other immensely.

We have to remember during all the hustle and bustle of the season to cherish one another and to savor moments and make memories.  Every moment, every event, be it large or small is like a thread, which when woven together with love, create a beautiful garment of memories, that can be thrown around our shoulders to embrace and comfort us time and time again.

And that reminds me of the comforting love of the Father – Have a blessed day and cherish those moments!

Wrapping up the 25th of December

Merry Christmas!

For most families, by this time on December 25th, there isn’t anything left under your tree, unless it’s that straggler present for someone who didn’t show up.  Your outdoor trash can is full of boxes and wrappings and the bags and bows that got through the unwrapping chaos unscathed, you have stashed to use again next year.

The kitchen is clean and all the leftovers have either been shipped home with family and friends or they are nestled tightly against each other in a refrigerator full of them.  If you are like my family, you won’t have to cook for at least a couple of days, but you will end up doing it anyway because you will be tired of turkey.

Most likely you are full and lazing around on the couch wishing you wouldn’t have had seconds (or thirds), or that piece of pumpkin pie.  Some of us are sitting around chatting, reminiscing, and making more plans to get together more often.  For others, a long drive home looms ahead.

Hopefully wherever you are and whatever you are doing you are in possession of some new, warm happy memories.  We need to remember if we got only one gift or have a full belly tonight, we are more fortunate than a large percentage of the world.  Count your blessings; don’t go to bed mad, lavish forgiveness and mercy, and love, love, love.    Peace and Blessings!

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