Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twinkle.”


Martha Stewart I am not!

Today has already been a busy one.  I finished all the Christmas decorating, did some packing for a work trip tomorrow and cleaned house.

I decided I would sit down take a break and relax.  It might be a good time to work on my owl ornaments.  I had pulled this pattern from Pinterest and since it looked adorable and simple, I thought I would give it a whirl.  Everyone likes Owls right?  I could see the little cuties adding spice to my beautifully wrapped gifts already and maybe one or two for the tree.  Besides, how hard could sewing felt really be?

So, remember up above when I mentioned “relax”?  Can someone tell me at what point sewing is supposed to begin to relax me?  Is it before or after I’ve spent 10 minutes trying to thread the needle?  Well, that was finally accomplished.  Let’s move on to working with felt…Now, that is sheer joy, let me tell you (spoken in my sarcastic voice).  This particular exercise also called for rick rack, which I bought, but since it seems almost impossible (to me anyway) to attach said rick rack to felt with a needle and thread and I do not have a glue gun, I decided to just make rick racky looking stitches.  Ha!

So, I’m sharing the photo of what I’ve actually completed.  Please be honest and confirm for me that this just isn’t my thing.  I’m fine with that.  I tried, I failed and I’m a big girl.  I can move on to other things.  For instance, the photo challenge today was reflections and I think my ornament shot is pretty cool!

I’m thinking crafty stuff should actually bring one pleasure, not grief and torment.  Does anyone want some felt and thread?  Free to a good home.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Reflections

Ornaments from my Christmas tree

Gone are the matching bows


Ribbons’n’Bows (Photo credit: starryeyez024)

I remember years ago, the day after Thanksgiving was the day for putting up my perfect tree.  There would be matching ornaments, bows, ribbons, tree skirt, you name it and it was beautiful.  I was extremely proud and looked forward to all the compliments I would receive on my fabulous tree.

I don’t remember what year it was exactly when my mother in law passed on some words of wisdom. Just FYI, she is a good mother in law and I love her very much.  She has provided me with wonderful advice many times over the years.  She told me that the Christmas tree should be filled with decorations that children would enjoy.  I don’t remember her exact words, but she let me know that she would prefer my tree be covered in whimsical, frivolous, not necessarily matching ornaments AND the kids should help do the decorating.  This was monumental for me; this was my thing and surely they would mess it up.  If my memory is correct, I heeded her recommendation that very year.  When the time came for the kids and I to decorate the tree, I had to bite my lip to refrain from telling them exactly where to put each decoration.  I’m sure I failed in that regard plenty of times and one of my kids will probably hasten to remind me of this. They are also aware that not all of their home made ornaments made it on the tree.  And, I know I still had issues with how the tinsel was applied.  It really does need to go on ONE strand at a time, you know?  But, all in all we enjoyed every minute of it and looked forward to doing it together.

Of course, as my mother in law already knew, the kids would enjoy this so much more and from then on every year I let them pick a few more.  Sometimes they would pick one to express their love of a favorite sport, or another interest, sometimes just because it was cute, but it was always fun to watch them choose.  I still have most of them and continue to use them, which is why my tree is now a mixture of old and new, pastels and brights, classic and trendy, childish and mature.  But, as a friend mentioned today when talking about her tree, there are memories with so many of them and memories of decorating with my girls.  Thank you, Nancy for your wisdom.  You are at least partially responsible for helping me mature from the selfish, silly girl I was in my twenties and for that, I am grateful.

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