If I were a turkey

Turkey Lurkey says...

Turkey Lurkey says… (Photo credit: jelene)

If I were a turkey I’d start training in April

to keep from becoming a Thanksgiving staple

In May you would catch me honing my skill

on how to avoid those missiles that kill

There’d be classes on dodging a sharpshooter’s aim

and how to outrun those arrows that maim

In June I would learn how to camo my feathers

 and to quickly blend in no matter terrain or weather

In July and August under hot scorching sun,

the training would continue, none of it fun.

In September things would get really hard

This is the month I am banned from the yard

Any fat has to go, that fact remains,

No more picking at insects or gorging on grains.

October would bring full starvation mode for me

I can’t afford to look at all healthy you see

When the dreaded month arrives, if I’ve escaped the fate of many,

you would think I could relax and enjoy and eat plenty

But no!  December looms as dark as the winter,

and there are some who would have me for their Christmas dinner.

So still I’ll lie low and eat less than I desire,

to keep myself, another year from the fire.

In January I will gobble and let down my guard

and enjoy my dinner and prance through the yard.

~Yes!  Another Turkey!

~Yes! Another Turkey! (Photo credit: ~Sage~)

By  Lisa

The old green couch

Princess Ayda on the old green couch

Princess Ayda on the old green couch

My couch is old and showing wear

The foot rest even sports a tear

There are obvious stains from years of kids

Babies spilling cups sans lids

It’s not so comfy nowadays

The stuffing has seen better days

Still there’s something about this old green seat

Where family gathered and friends would meet

The memories flood my mind today

Naps, talks, games and kids at play

Volleyball players out like a light

Giggling girls who were spending the night

Granny in her moo moo sipping some tea

Quiet nights with just the hubby and me

We’ve lived and loved and ate here

We’ve had cause to celebrate here

We cried and hugged and laughed

I’ve cuddled with my better half.

So, yes it’s old and worn

And admittedly even torn

But it’s hard to let it go

After all the stuff it knows

butterfly garden

butterfly garden

Work instead of whine

puffy clouds

puffy clouds


The wind is strong and fierce today, whipping noisily through the trees

It blows through my open window; sends papers sailing on a breeze

Birds are singing heartily as they hunt and perch and play

And I’m stuck at my computer as I work the day away

What is it about this windy day that beckons me, “Come Out!”

Autumn always grips me; I want to frolic all about

Soon enough, my workday will end and my time will be all mine

But for now, I must be content to work instead of whine

A somewhat silly poem by me (and I waited until after work to write it)


Daily Prompt: Conflicted


Conflicting emotions wrestle inside

How much do I show?  How much do I hide?

The decision is mine over what to convey.

Can I trust my own voice with what I must say?

Do I hold back the tears?  Do I keep them at bay?

Or, are they part of the truth?  Let them flow, pour away.

My tentative nature makes this difficult, you see?

But then I remember, it’s not about me.

It never was…and therein lies the key.

From that moment, I realize what the answer must be.


IMG_2247 (2)

Salty summer breeze offering little comfort

Warm rays of sunshine caress everything within its vast reach

All is quiet, except for gentle waves lapping against the boat

The occasional seagull cries out in his quest to find dinner

My eyelids are heavy with a lovely, peaceful drowsiness

My book falls to the floor as I give in to slumber…ahhhh

By Lisa

Love in the everyday things

Love is when you bring me coffee in the morning without being asked

Love is that look from across the room that no one else shares

Love is catching rain water in a pitcher for me because you know I want to water my house plants with it

Love is always having made sure our children treat me with respect

Love is always kissing goodbye because you don’t take life for granted

Love is telling me to slow down and take a day to rest and relax because I deserve it

Mini vacation on my dock

Freezing in VA, made me miss home, so thought I’d post a little something I wrote the day before I left…

A brown pelican in Key West, Florida. Français...

A pelican flies by, one feathery wing dipped in the cool water, as if checking the temperature

A cool salty breeze tousles my curls and rustles through the palm fronds

The water laps around the dock as it’s carried to and fro by the tide

Puffy, cotton candy clouds drift by in a resplendent blue sky

The hot sun is leaving its kiss anywhere it touches bare flesh

A school of fish chasing their mid-afternoon meal ripple the peaceful water

The mangroves resonate with the songs and calls of the birds enjoying the mild winter

My eyelids grow heavy as I relax and soak it all in, like a massage

Ah, the beauty of a February day in Southwest Florida.

Some things never change

English: Barbie PortraitYesterday, the sweet smell of baby breath and powder

Today, the smell of body spray and perfume

Yesterday, smooth fresh, baby skin

Today, eyelashes curled, and makeup on

Yesterday, Barbie jeep then skateboard

Today, driver’s license and car keys

Yesterday, dolls and puzzles and dreams

Today, heels, dresses and Prom

Yesterday, a soft little hand griping mine ever so tightly

Today, a special boy grips hers just as tight

Yesterday, I loved her with all my heart and knew I would feel that way forever.

Some things never change.

Rise, set and repeat


Night falls

Stars shine

Moon rises

Sun rises

Stars sleep

Day breaks

Missing you

Wishing you were here

Knowing you can’t be and you’re in a much better place

Thinking of all the things you missed

Wondering if you’d be proud

Smiling when I realize I know you would be

Missing your advice and guidance

Grateful you taught me so well

Feeling that knot in my throat and knowing tears will follow

Thankful for the wonderful years I had with you

Memories that still grip my heart like it was yesterday

Someday I will see you again in heaven

Wishing you were here

Mitch Teemley

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