Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I will have to admit that I wasn’t too thrilled with this week’s photo challenge.  “Selfies” get a lot of negative press so I didn’t want to take the normal approach.  If you are at all like me, it would take 50 selfies for me to get one that I like if I was going for something like a profile picture.  For this, I decided to go with a sillier side of me, which people who don’t know me that well, don’t often see.

I find myself wishing all my facebook friends would take some interesting “out of the box” selfies.  They would be so much more fun to look at than just a smiling face or (heaven help us all) duck lips in front of a bathroom mirror which is what graces a good 70% of the profiles I see.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtapostion

A juxtaposition is “the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast”


Sweet and Sour

This challenge reminded me of a frequent occurrence during a particular period of time when I was young.  Some afternoons, my dad liked to “take a ride” with the family in his pickup truck down one of the dirt roads.  Before we embarked on our adventure, we often stopped at Mrs. Watson’s store for snacks.  We could each pick one candy item and I remember how mom would always tell us we were silly if we picked anything other than chocolate.  She would say, “Eww, you picked that old sour stuff”. On the occasions where she got something too, she invariably picked chocolate.  When we got into the truck with our Sweet Tarts, Razzles, Lemon Heads, and Now and Laters, she teasingly declared their inferiority beside the long adored chocolate.

As I opened the bag of chewy sweet tarts and popped two, one yellow and one purple,  in my mouth I immediately grimaced as the sour registered on my tongue.  I began to parallel the sweetness and the sour to our lives and the way we sometimes pick the sour over the sweetness.  When life delivers the inevitable discomfort of a “sour” scenario, we have choices.  We can suck on that for a while, even though it makes us wince, until we ultimately find ourselves enjoying it, relishing in the bitterness.  Bitterness, hatred and unforgiveness are like a slow growing disease that saps all of our joy and strength.

We can also choose to lift our chin up, forgive quickly, learn whatever God would teach us from the situation and move on.  And as I read the other day from a devotional, “feelings should be indicators, not dictators”.  In the end, it’s your choice, but if you would rather be happy and bring joy to others, pick the sweet!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Family

At first I thought this challenge was going to be difficult as I love all of my family so much and there are hundreds of photos to choose from to depict “family”. Then, I saw this one. It perfectly illustrates the fun that my brother and sister and I have when we are together.  It’s not the greatest picture ever and they weren’t even standing perfectly to get the full effect, but it still works for me, because of the memories associated with it.

On this particular day, we were hanging out at a state park in North Carolina, enjoying the view, the weather and each others company. My sister had the idea for this picture, which was no surprise.  If there is a crazy idea amongst us, I can guarantee she will be the one who came up with it.

We’ve always enjoyed each other, but as life continues, with all of it’s joy and challenges, you realize more than ever how important family is.

By the time you’ve reached my age, you’ve likely lost someone dear to you, which further reinforces the brevity of life and a greater appreciation for it.  You realize tomorrow isn’t promised and the future is unpredictable.  People and the time you spend with them becomes a priority because you no longer take them or that time with them for granted.

May we be reminded today that “life is but a vapor” and make our choices accordingly.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Window


Outbuilding window at Hofwyl-Broadfield Historic Plantation in Georgia

This past summer, my sister and I took a road trip together to visit my brother in North Carolina.  Our travel days were limited so we knew we didn’t have the luxury of doing the tourist thing.  I get to travel a lot with my job and to visit my out of state daughters, but my sister hasn’t had the pleasure of getting away much in recent years.  When I saw the sign for Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation Historic Site, in Georgia, I was determined to stop because I knew my sister would be thrilled.

We were both so glad we took the 2-3 hours to visit.  Hofwyl-Broadfield is the site of a historic rice plantation, with the original house and some of the original furniture and outbuildings.  We walked and took pictures under the big moss and fern covered, live oak trees and enjoyed the stories the guide told about the families that lived there.

My sis and I live in the same small town, but it seems like life and work and family keeps us running in opposite directions.  We both genuinely try to make more time for one another, but it seems we never do it enough.

This trip was therapeutic for each of us; it was a time of long talks sprinkled with tears, about things only your sister would understand .  We also laughed until we cried and prayed together about the things on our hearts.  We then shared a great visit with my brother and more of the talking, laughing and sharing.

Although it was short and sweet, it was refreshing and necessary.  Reminiscing on it tonight reminds me why it will remain high on my list of favorite trips!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

The weekly photo challenge was to depict “beginning”. The perfect beginning to my day is to walk outside with coffee and bible in hand and watch the day begin.

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Beginning

Brand new day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy




The photo challenge this week was to capture “joy”.  There are many photos I could use, but the look in my granddaughter’s eyes said it all.  She loves cake!

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

The weekly photo challenge was to depict one.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

This week’s photo challenge was to depict something that evoked “eerie”. I think the three photos in this slideshow are equally eerie.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

The Weekly Photo Challenge said, “In a new post specifically for this challenge, share a photo which means HORIZON to you!”

I love to watch the sunset and the one from my little corner of the world was gorgeous once again!

Saturday sunset

Saturday sunset








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