Grateful always


The sun will soon rise, on this Thanksgiving Day

I’m up with my coffee, to read and to pray

The oven is buzzing, time to take out the yams

Next on my list, replace them with the ham

Ham is now cooking, time to start fudge

On Mom’s recipe card, an old chocolate smudge

This makes me smile and happy memories recall

Family cooking, playing, laughing and having a ball

The fudge turns out nicely, you never can tell

About half the time, my fudge is a fail

My phone begins ringing, my girls on the line

They will be missed this year, those daughters of mine

Topping fudge with pecans and peeking through oven door

My fuzzy socks dancing on my kitchen floor

Dancing with joy, Macy’s parade on t.v.

For all this and more, I am thankful you see

Green bean casserole is next and then my part is done

Then, it’s off to my sisters for more family and fun

This day a reminder to show gratitude always

Every day of the year, not just on Thanksgiving day

Thankfulness in forward motion



On this third day of November, I have already noticed all of the “what I’m thankful for” posts on Facebook.  I surmise that because November is the month of Thanksgiving, we are reminded of all the things that we sometimes take for granted.  It’s encouraging and uplifting to see so many people thoughtfully posting their thanks throughout the month of November.

We are a blessed nation, even in the midst of some of our circumstances.  However, I want to encourage all of you, my friends, that as we are thankful, as we express our gratefulness we would be mindful that this is a difficult month for many.  As the holidays approach, there are those without family, those who are estranged from their families and those who aren’t feeling too particularly thankful at this time in their life.

I pray that we make it our business to search out, to find out who these people are in our neighborhoods. My hope is that as part of the demonstration of our thankfulness, we would reach out and somehow provide that feeling of home and comfort to the aged, the lonely and the downcast.

Many of us will bake and decorate, and our homes will smell of cinnamon and spices; we will surround ourselves with family and friends and feel that “thankful” spirit for our fellowship.  Let’s spread it around; let’s be mindful of those less fortunate.

We can do this by our prayers and by giving, but it’s also in the simple knock on the door of a shut-in or a hot apple pie delivered to someone who might not be able to see well enough to do all the baking they once enjoyed.

Please feel free to share what your plans are to give back or things that you and your family have done in years past to share the love.

If we all just reach one, there would be hundreds of smiles that might not be possible otherwise.

Love, Prayers and Happy November!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

The Weekly Photo Challenge was to depict “Carefree” and I couldn’t pick just one!



Princess Ayda

Princess Ayda

So much to see!

So much to see!

Make a memory!

Good Morning!  What is everyone up to?  Some of you have been up since before daybreak cooking, cleaning, mixing, chopping; all to make sure that those families of yours have a sumptuous meal.  Me?  Well, I get off somewhat easy this year as I’m only responsible for about 3 dishes and a dessert.

I just wanted to remind everyone of a few things as we busy ourselves in the kitchen and wish we had 30 minutes to do our makeup before everyone shows up.  It’s worth it… really is.

My mom was the quintessential Susie home maker, her nickname of Susie was very fitting.  She labored over the stove for days before and the day of Thanksgiving, but boy, did she put out a spread.  My sis and I are still more than satisfying our families with those same recipes today.

My love for all things Thanksgiving, is largely due to the time and effort she put forth to make great holiday memories and for that I am very grateful.

For all of you who are already tired, your back aches, you wish you’d had another hour to sleep, your manicure is ruined and the hot flashes are rearing their ugly head about the same time you have to check something in the oven, Well, you rock!  You are amazing and you are helping to make memories.

Let’s remember to thank those today who put so much effort into pleasing their families and even those who just keep a spot on the sofa warm.  Let’s be thankful for families and friends and do our best today to share moments, not things.

And above all, love, love, love.  We never know what tomorrow holds, but we can act today.  We can make someone feel special and loved.  Check on your neighbors, take someone a plate, invite a new guest who doesn’t have anyone.

Have a beautiful, blessed Thanksgiving!

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