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Whew, long day.  Up at 5:00, visited 3 airports and finally got back to room after meeting.  Since my mind is in sleep mode, I’m not sure how well I can express my thoughts.  However, being bit with the blog bug, I fell compelled to try.

My first distinct memory of today is a sweet one.  On my way to through security this morning, there was an elderly man tottering along (very slowly) in front of me.  His cane with a giant Santa head on the handle, made me grin.  I really wanted to go around him, mostly because I just couldn’t walk that slow, but as I slid around him, I realized that the lady ahead of me was probably his wife.  I said, “Are you two together?  (not wanting to skip in front of them and be a rude traveller)  She said, “Oh yes, honey, he’s just a slow poke!”  Another grin.  When the line screeched to the expected halt, I let him pass and watched them.  They were cute and it made me happy to see that they were watching out for each other and I was glad I had been kind to them.

The next event that stands out in my mind provoked me to anger.  Those of us boarding after Zone 3 were being asked to check our bags since they were out of room.  This irritated me because I had already paid $25.00 to check my bag.  So, they wanted to punish those of us who actually know when something is TOO BIG TO CARRY ON to make room for all the other people.  They let me go by and told me to put it at my feet, which also thrilled me because now my legs would be even more cramped up.  As I sat there, contemplating my bad attitude, I decided to get it in check as things could be much worse!  At least I had a book and was positioned between two nice ladies who hadn’t been out all night the night before.  One of them did begin to cough up a lung about 5 minutes later, but she assured me she wasn’t contagious, just had bad sinus problems.  Oh, the joys of travel.

When I arrived in Charlotte, already wearying of the whole transportation section of this trip, I saw something that made me tear up and count my blessings.  I saw a soldier who I believe was a Marine in what I think they call Class A’s (most formal uniform) carrying a folded flag in a plastic case.  Since I think this possibly means he was taking it to a funeral, it made me think about all of the mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children and other family members that have lost someone.  I got very emotional and since Charlotte is such a hub for military, I saw plenty of soldiers and appreciated them even more.  My son in law has done two tours in Afghanistan and I know at least somewhat the strain on the families and the dread of your worst fears being realized.  Tonight I will be saying extra prayers for our military.  I might add, if you get the chance to read the book, Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, a WWII story that will increase your appreciation for our military – Great read!!

Going to bed tired and thankful for safe travels.

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