Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

Weekly Photo Challenge:  The Hue of You

The challenge this week was:


I’ve always loved earth tones, so for this season, and this particular time in my life, those are the colors that are grabbing my attention and making me want to surround myself with them.

Weekly Photo Challege: Nostalgic


All of the items below cause me to wax nostalgic and even more so, the older I get.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting #2


I wrote this poem today after gleaning inspiration from this photo I recently took.  Lately, more than ever, I have learned to enjoy the “right nows” in my life.  We are always rushing things, thinking that something in the future is the big thing that will finally right our world or somehow perfect it.  We have to live for now, cherish each moment with our loved ones.  Time is fleeting and we never know what today, much less tomorrow holds.  Be blessed!

Time is fleeting, time is flying, and time is promptly rushing by

While I sit and wait for “moments”, the sun is setting in the sky

Wasting the now, biding my time, as the important event; it draws near

Losing the present, while lost in the future, forsaking the now and the here

Might I live in this moment, embrace this fine hour, presently finding the bliss

Making beautiful memories today, on which I will soon reminisce

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the background

My youngest not far from our home on a November day; we are surrounded by beauty and blessed by it.

moe silhouette

Weekly photo challege: Escape

This week’s photo challenge is escape. I find that when I need to get away from it all, I usually find myself near a beach, or at least water; be it a beach, river, lake, or even a bathtub.

My soul finds it’s refuge and solace in the Word of God.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

The challenge:  In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means PATTERN to you!

Rope on our dock

Rope on our dock


Weekly photo challenge: Culture

Weekly photo challenge:  Culture

Stone crab boats lining up for the Annual Blessing of the Fleet

In our small town, stone crabbing is a way of life for many, a part of our culture.  I took this as the boats left their docks to line up in front of the historic Rod & Gun Hotel for an annual celebration called, “The Blessing of the Fleet”.  Local ministers and community gather to corporately pray for the crabbers, their safety and for a good season.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Today’s weekly photo challenge was “up”  Here is my contribution…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

The Weekly Photo Challenge email said, “In a new post created for this challenge, share a picture that says CHANGE.”

As my throat constricted in the way that is so familiar lately, I knew exactly the change that my photos would represent. You see, my youngest is about to graduate from high school. I’ve been very brave all year, put on a big smile and was very careful to embrace every moment and capture as much of it as possible with my mind’s eye as well as with the lens of my camera.

Now, it’s crunch time. The date is set, the announcements are ordered, the yearbook pages are done, the banquets are beginning, and my life as I know it is about to undergo one of the biggest changes a parent can encounter.

As the calendar makes haste, without any care for my heart, towards May 31, 2013, I try to keep smiling and laughing and pretending things are perfectly normal. They are not. My husband and I will soon be empty-nesters, left alone to our own devices; no games to attend, no late night clock watching and “hurry home” texts, and no going into that messy room to wake a groggy teenager.

Thankfully, I know that we have raised her well, she has God on her side and she knows the plans He has for her. I have to remember we have accomplished much in that she is ready to go out there and make her own way in this big ole’ world. This is life, as it is meant to be.

We will make it although there will be many tears and much missing. There will also be phone calls and visits and texts and sharing of news, and more change.

This heart will trust in the One she has always trusted in for herself, her marriage and her children. There truly is a time and a season for all things under the sun. There is giving, taking and letting go. And through all of the seasons of our lives, He is there.

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