Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Inside

I thought I would focus on something very important to me….Chocolate! The first is inside my candy jar and the second is inside my candy wrapper.

Dark chocolate heaven

Dark chocolate heaven

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Moody like the sea
There are times when I’m calm and peaceful; relaxed and well at ease.
So perfectly contented my eyelids droop; with sleep, they tease
At other times I’m frantic, frenzied, prickly as a pear
Boisterous, ranting, raving like a savage, or a bear
I find I’m like the ocean, yes, I’m moody like the sea.
And yet I know to soothe my soul, there’s no place I’d rather be.

By:  Lisa

Day at the beach

Day at the beach

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

This week’s photo challenge was to demonstrate FOCUS.


New growth

New growth





butterfly garden

butterfly garden


Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

The Weekly Photo Challenge was to depict “Carefree” and I couldn’t pick just one!



Princess Ayda

Princess Ayda

So much to see!

So much to see!

Weekly Photo Challenge: One shot, two ways

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

Foreshadow: A warning or indication of a future event.

The familiar sound of the reel shortly after my husbands bait hit the water,  indicated that a fish would soon be in the boat and a little later, on my plate.

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Foreshadow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

The challenge this week was for photos taken in the “golden hour”. I’m blessed to live in an area where a picture within an hour of sunset is always beautiful.

Everglades sunset

Everglades sunset

Sunset from out dock

Sunset from our dock


Sunset on Chokoloskee causeway

Weekly Photo Challege: Nostalgic


All of the items below cause me to wax nostalgic and even more so, the older I get.

Digging up Memories

Reaching upward drinking in the rain

Reaching upward drinking in the rain

There is nothing more therapeutic in my opinion than digging in the dark soil, until it’s trapped beneath my fingernails, or pulling out the weeds around a plant or in a bed.  These sneaky imposters, sporting defiant root systems and a plethora of seeds would like to spread themselves far and wide, but not while I’m on guard.

There is also something to be said for the feeling of accomplishment when you stand, back aching and neck burning from the sun’s much too ardent kiss; and admire your work.

The desire to dig in the dirt goes back at least four generations on my mother’s side.  Most of my memories of my great-grandmother Hall are in her yard as I relentlessly peppered her with questions about what each planted was named.  I loved to hear the names roll off of her lips; “Why that’s night blooming jasmine, honey”, or “this is a hydrangea or sweet viburnum”.  The names sounded exotic and romantic.

Granny’s yard displayed much beauty due to her diligent care.  I can only suppose that it was her love for gardening that sparked an interest in my grandmother.IMG_3378

Many times, if you visited either of them you would find them outside.  I don’t remember ever seeing either of them in anything but dresses.   They may have worn something else, but not that I ever remember.  Of course that was when the length of dresses kept their “neathies” (as my mom liked to call anything that should be covered by clothes) unexposed.

My mother shared their green thumb and quickly transformed any yard we had into a well landscaped display of her talent.  She recruited us as often as she could to help her and most of the time I was pretty compliant.

I inherited the love as well, but unfortunately not the knack or skill; I fear my thumb is sorely lacking in green.  Thankfully, I’m getting better with age, but my kill quota was pretty high there for a while.  Maybe one reason I love it so much is due to the memories that I made with each of them.  Take some time to dig up some good memories of your own and relish them!


My Supermoon pics

I thought I would share my pictures of the “supermoon” from my view in Southwest FL. I am not in possession of a lot of high dollar equipment; took these with my daughter’s Canon DSLR with a zoom lens attached. It was fun to capture these and quite simple. Hope you enjoy!

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